Trailer for Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” Debuts

by Feb 13, 2022The Rings of Power

Today Amazon released their first teaser trailer for their upcoming show, “The Rings of Power.”  Take a look!

My thoughts… well, this trailer didn’t let us sit on one shot for more than a second or two.  I really wanted to feel more after this trailer–give us something to sink our teeth into, not highly produced special effects shots that tell us nothing about the story or characters.  Do you remember the long iconic shot of the fellowship moving over that crest of a mountain in the teaser trailer for Peter Jackson’s trilogy?  That long shot at the end of that trailer really gave us something to chew on!

What do you think?

Gandalf Cresting a Mountain In Teaser Trailer


  1. alienmaster

    Hi Jonathan. Personally the teaser trailer is really a big let-down. Leaving out the woke politics that clearly has been injected into the show (thanks to the character poster reveals and Vanity Fair article), the trailer gave me the impression that the show looks nothing like a show with a Billion Dollar + budget. “Generic and cheap fantasy show” is the words that came to mind as I saw the visuals, and it didn’t help that the trailer was following the same playbook as other action and fantasy TV or movie trailers seen the last 2 years.

    The costume reveals and extra shots of already revealed costumes were cringe: I have often seen cosplayers at comic conventions, or even Tolkien conventions, have better costumes of higher quality, many self-made, that are far better in comparison to the cheap and nasty stuff I saw in this trailer.

    In short, unless we get a better trailer or something wonderful gets revealed later this year, this show is coming of as nothing more than Generic Woke Fantasy Show with the Lord Of The Rings in the name only.

    My disappointment couldn’t be worse unless they made all the characters trans and turned the whole show into a neon sci-fi schlock-fest.

    • Otaku-sempai

      I’ve been thinking about our pair of nomadic hunters. Their accouterments are starting to make a little more sense to me with the thought that they probably hunt moose or giant elk. The antlers that they sport might allow them to approach a herd without alarming the beasts. Does that make any sense?

    • coran

      I completely agree with you. This was a big disrespect with Tolkien works and with his legacy.

  2. coran

    To be honest, I have never have high hopes regarding this series. If we consider the toxic way Amazon has worked its Wheel of Time adaptation, we can understand they have no respect for the works of these great authors (who were, in real life, soldiers).

    The “Commander of the Northern armies Galadriel” would be a joke if it was not so disrespectful with the original character Tolkien has created (one of the most powerful “mages” of Middle-Earth portrayed as a generic warrior just because nowadays a woman only has value if she dresses and fights as a man).
    There is no need to comment about “Elrond’s forbidden love” or all the effort to try to look like a new Game of Thrones (something Brandon Sanderson has highly criticized about The Wheel of Time adaptation).

    An adaptation doesn’t need to be exactly like the original work. But it needs to honor, or at least, respect it. Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” fails miserable in both situations.

  3. galadriel80

    This trailer is so horrible, it makes me puke.
    I will not watch this wokeness-shit this serie is. Tolkien has created no black elves, dwarfes and hobbits, so why Amazon ignores totally Tolkiens imagination?

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