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by Dec 16, 2003Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Just got the following from Ben!

Viggo Mortensen who plays Lord of the Rings hard man Aragorn  visited the Science Museum’s Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy exhibition but had to beat a hasty retreat after he was swamped by female admirers.

An onlooker said: “Viggo was having a great time looking around the exhibition but when people started to recognise him it got a bit tricky and he looked more and more edgy. He looked like he just wanted to look at the exhibition. He wasn’t signing autographs but was very apologetic.”

A Museum spokesman said: “Suddenly every woman from miles around was in the Lord of the Rings exhibition – the man seems to have an incredible effect.”


The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition, the Science Museum’s exhibition exposing the secrets behind the making of the hit film trilogy, has welcomed 180,000 visitors.

The exhibition, which contains over 600 props from the films, has attracted fans young and old from all over Europe.

Visitors enjoy an up close and personal encounter with props, costumes and sets from the films before the final instalment of the film trilogy The Return of the King hits UK cinemas on December 17.

The Science Museum is the only European venue to host the priceless exhibits. Visitors also have a chance to see the first two films of the trilogy at the Science Museum’s cinema.

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition had already sold more advance tickets than any previous exhibition at the Science Museum. Opening hours have been extended to cope with demand and although some tickets are available at the door, advanced booking is the only way to guarantee entry.

To prevent the advanced filmmaking technology displayed in the exhibition from being copied, the use of cameras and mobile phones is prohibited.

The fascinating exhibition includes:

*Demonstrations of special effects, including the combining of ‘real’ and ‘digital’ action and CGI (computer-generated-image technology).

*A scaling interactive explaining one way that the films managed to make characters seem different heights, and which allows visitors to become Hobbit sized in a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring – and then buy a print of themselves.

*A display on the prosthetics which transformed actors, including Hobbit hands and feet.

*Weapons belonging to Arwen, Gandalf, Frodo, and Aragorn.

*Outfits including Arwen’s riding costume, Galadriel’s stunning dress and Gandalf’s robes.

The exhibition culminates with a face-to-face encounter with the central icon from the films – The One Ring.

*Tickets can be pre-booked on 0870 906 3890 24 hours (booking fee applies) or at

16 September 2003 to 11 January 2004
Ticket Prices
Monday – Friday: Adults £9.95, Children/Concessions £6.95
Saturday – Sunday: Adults £11.95, Children/Concessions £8.95
Public information and booking line
0870 906 3890 (booking fee applies)

Opening hours
The Museum has extended the weekend opening hours for this exhibition
Friday – Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday 10am – 7pm
The exhibition will be open Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm


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