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by Nov 8, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

UPDATED 11-9-00 10:10am
It seems that Xenite.org was incorrect about the Official Site being updated, and not having looked at the Official Site in many moons myself, I regret that I passed along that misinformation to our readers.

Here is what Xenite.org had to say about the error:

Several people have emailed us to let us know the audio file on the site has been there for months. Xenite.Org regrets the error, although we hope that people who had not heard the audio file beforehave had a chance to listen to it now.

Xenite.Org has discovered that the Official Site has been updated with new “Live from the Set” audio.

Here is what webmaster Michael Martinez had to say about his discovery:

Don’t you wish they’d let everyone know when the update the ‘Live on Set’ interviews? We do.

Xenite.Org’s occasional foray to the official Lord of the Rings movie Web site turned up a new (for us) 1-minute segment with someone speaking about Peter Jackson in an American accent, describing how knowledgeable the director is and how open he remains to people working on the films.


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