UPDATED LISTEN to Arwen Speak Elven – Liv Tyler on Conan O’Brien

by Apr 27, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Last evening I received an email mentioning that Liv Tyler was going to be on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. So, I took a little initiative, recorded the show, and converted the audio to mp3 files for your listening pleasure!

So… click on the left image to listen to her say her line of elven, and click the right image to listen to everything she had to say about LOTR.

UPDATE: If you’re wondering what the translation is, here’s what seems to be the consensus (thanks to Fran for the tip!): “Now my Lord, winter has not yet come. Would you before your time leave your people?”

Liv speaks in Elven!

Click here to listen to all of what she said about filming LOTR.

Here’s a transcript of the Interview (thanks to Leonides on the messagboard for doing this!):

CONAN: So tell me about the Lord of the Rings. You’re shooting all three movies at once?

LIV: No, we’re done shooting, actually.


LIV: Yes. It was kinda smart actually, because it really helped the actors stay in character. It was an amazing experience.

CONAN: And who do you play?

LIV: I’m an elf princess named Arwen.

CONAN: Aren’t you a little tall to be an elf?

LIV: No, actually. In Tolkien’s world the elves are incredibly tall and beautiful. There is something alien about them. I was short for an elf, and I’m 5 foot 10!

CONAN: So elves are tall?

LIV: Yeah.

CONAN: I see, and in Tolkiens world giants are knee-hi and run around? I heard you had to speak a different language?

LIV: Yeah, elvish, it’s called.

CONAN: Elvis?

LIV: [imitates Elvis’s voise] No, baby, elvish. I can sometimes barely remember my name, but I remember ALL my elvish lines.

CONAN: I see. Could you give us a demonstration?

LIV: [hesitates] I could get into trouble for this…

CONAN: Trouble?

LIV: Yeah… Law hîr nîn údolen i rîw anírach nui lû gwannad uen gwaith lín.
(law: I can’t find it anywhere, but I would guess “now”
hîr: lord, master
nîn: my (genitive pronoun)
údolen: not come (“ú” a prefix meaning “not” + “tol” meaning “come” and “en” past or passive participle suffix; the suffix “ú” voices the initial consonant of “tol” making it “údolen” not *”útolen”)
rîw: winter, winter season (accussative or direct object case; “rhîw” means “winter season” but since it’s the direct object it changes to “rîw”)
anírach: you desire (“aníra” means “to desire” + “ch” a verb suffix meaning “you”)
nui: I can’t find this attested anywhere, but I assume to mean “before”
lû: time
gwannad: “gwanna” means “to depart, to die”
uen: I don’t know what this means
gwaith: people, region
lín: I could’t find this attested; I assume it means “your”)

Thanks to Aranion for the transliteration and translation of the Sindarin.

CONAN: Wow. Sounds very gaelic, almost.

LIV: Yeah.


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