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by Jul 16, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Tolkien-Movies spotted the following news item on an unofficial Enya fan site.

There are rumors circulating the Net that Enya will perform “music/theme” for the Lord Of The Rings movie…”

One of them states:
“… composer Howard Shore is working on the film’s score. He says the project has the complexity and difficulty of writing an opera. The soundtrack will incorporate the languages of the films, including Dwarvish, Elvish and Black Speech, and is expected to have a strong Celtic theme. Irish folk musicians the Barleyshakes were in New Zealand last month for a recording session and rumours are circulating that Enya will also be involved.” (ananova.com)

.. and also Fergus said:
“… accoring to my friend (who works in the music industry here in England) Enya will be performing for the LOTR theme! Here is an extract of what he emailed me: ‘…my mate Nicky Ryan in Dublin is recording the theme tune for the Lord of the Rings movie, which will be performed by Enya…’ “
(The One Ring)

Nevertheless… there is not any official statement on the subject so far… Is it just a rumor..?

UPDATE: Ted here, I can add a bit here, I am 99% certain that Enya will be doing something for the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I have spent the last month or so trying to confirm from a secondary source information about her involvement in the project. The orignal source of my information is from someone deep inside AOL/Time-Warner but I couldn’t get anyone to confirm what I had been told. I would say that with this new information it is all but certain that she will be involved.


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