Under the Mallorn Tree with Elbren – It Burns! It Bites! The Two Towers Extended Edition!

by Nov 18, 2003Lord of the Rings (Movies)

I watched TTT EE tonight.

This article is full of spoilers for those of you who have not read the books, so consider yourself justly warned.

Several revelations for this pesky little Purist Elf came to light.

I definitely love the books so much more than the movies. Oh, that’s not a revelation; that’s a given. Right.

The EE for TTT didn’t quite make the miraculous difference for me that EE FOTR did , and I’m not really sure why that particular statement is true. It’s odd how expectations change and evolve with the more that is revealed from the Peter Jackson movie productions. The additional scenes, all 43 minutes worth, are, in all fairness, very nice additions to the overall movie. I’m not sure that every single one adds something of significance to the storyline, but they were nice additions nonetheless.

Love the additional scenes involving the Rohirrim and especially the Eowyn scenes. TTT FINALLY made me cry when she sang the song of lament at Theodred’s tomb. Heartbreaking.

Love when Aragorn confesses to Eowyn his true age; the look upon her face is priceless. It also gives a nice “in” for the explanation of who and what the Dunedain are.

Gollum, for me, again pretty much steals the show. Any and all new scenes with him are a delight to watch. You just love to hate that little scrawney river hobbit. His “Famished” scene is wonderful, (of course, Jackson has to toss yet even more grotesqueness into the movie here as well, but sans that little extra….)

The Huorns…..I have to say that this scene was a huge disappointment for me. I guess that I should be pleased that it’s there at all, but there was something missing here….

Faramir seeing Boromir’s funeral boat upon the Anduin! PRICELESS! For me, THIS was the THE scene for me in TTT EE! Very well done, loved the mist upon the river, the cloven Horn of Gondor, and Faramir’s reaction to the discovery. Well done, David Wenham!

And yes, they do give us a powerful scene with Denethor, Boromir, and Faramir where we see the troubled House of the Stewards in conflict. You get a better understanding of what was tearing Boromir apart whilst he was in the Fellowship; but, I still did not find the motivation for making Faramir into Filmamir. Sorry, I’m just never going to swallow that one.

More Ents. Oh yes, more Ents. Nothing new really with them. Hroom Hroom.

Ent Draught? Yes, we have that, too. Nice touch for the Purists, thank you. The “ode to Bombadil” ala Treebeard? I’m still pondering this one. Just not sure. Yea, I’m that stubborn.

Merry and Pippin’s discovery of food and Southfarthing: Definitely a Southfarthing and munchie moment. *wink*

I had expected, indeed, it had been predicted by many, that my rating of 6 for the theatrical TTT would soar up to an 8 or 9 with the EE TTT. I have to be honest and say that this did not happen. I now give TTT EE a 7.

I was HOPING, so hoping, that I would indeed watch TTT EE and just be “oooooing” and “ahhhhing” like I did while I watched FOTR EE. And I did truly “oooo” and “ahhh” over FOTR EE. LOVED IT. I even forgave Jackson for replacing Glorfindel with Arwen; I was rather impressed with Ms Tyler’s performance. I got chills when Gandalf spoke the Black Speech at the Council of Elrond! I was amazed! Yes, FOTR EE raised my theatrical FOTR rating from an 8 to a 9.5. No kidding. You can pick yourselves up off of the floor now.

Tonight, I had anticipated and prayed that TTT EE would bring me the same level of wonderment and satisfaction.

It did not.

I had a hard time, again, watching Aragorn reject Arwen and tell her that he would not be coming back. Even if he lived. It bothers me. A lot. Y OU BROKE ARWEN’S HEART YOU JERK AND SHE STILL SAVED YOUR ARSE WHEN YOU MANAGED TO LOSE THE EVENSTAR AND FALL INTO THE RIVER!  ARGH!

I had a hard time with Filmamir, even with the new scenes. Just painful to watch.

Everytime that Frodo stands before the Nazgul and Fell Beast, I have to bite my tongue. That, for those who have never done it, hurts. I think that I am going to simply skip the Osgiliath scenes during my next viewing and pretend that they never happened.

Wait! That’s right! They DID never happen! Whew. Thanks, Professor!

I have not yet watched the Appendices, but I will. I am dreading the Arwen at Helm’s Deep chapters. I am still so in shock that it was ever conceived, much less FILMED, that my sanity is better protected if I just pretend that it never happened. Liv, MAJOR kudos to you, m’lady, for being honest about your feelings concerning this ridiculousness. At least YOU understand the character of Arwen. And you were RIGHT.

Please, Eru, let Jackson get Eowyn and the WitchKing RIGHT. Liv, can you do something about that for me, please? There is always hope, right?



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