Title of Enya Songs Revealed – Anyone speak Sindarin?

by Sep 25, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Thanks to Crispycreme for pointing this one out. It seems as if someone has been doing a lot of digging. This is from the Enya Discography.

“Enya is writing some of the music for the upcoming Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. Two pieces have been registered with the BMI database: Aniron and Here Comes Desire. The first part The Fellowship Of The Ring is due for release later this year, with The Two Towers and The Return Of The King expected to follow in 2002 and 2003 respectively.”

“A search for both songs on the BMI web site confirms that they do, at least, exist and are registered and copyrighted. One of the songs, Aniron is subtitled Theme for Aragorn and Arwen.”

I personally just did a search though my stuff and I can’t find a meaning for Aniron, but I do know that it is Sindarin, or at least it seems to be. Any want to let me in on the secret of what it means?


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