The Rumor that Refuses to Die – Another thought on Connery

by Oct 31, 1999Lord of the Rings (Movies)

This is a Rumor

This is the rumor that refuses to die. I got this from Steve Hall. Now normally I wouldn’t post something like this, but it is fun to document the Sean Connery Rumor. I suspect that after the movie comes out and even if he is not in it, I’ll be getting screen captures of him walking in the background somewhere or something like that.

“I got this today in a UK TV Guide called “TV Quick”. One section is called ‘The Goss’ (as in gossip) and has an interesting titbit about Sean Connery. Here it is word for word…

‘Sean Connery could be joining an impressive cast in the new movie version of ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Alongside Cate Blanchett, Sir Ian McKellen and Sean Bean, Connery could end up playing Witch King[sic], the leader of a band of undead henchmen. It would be his most villainous role yet – but then, he’s always had a licence to thrill.'”

Ok, this piece of news says nothing at all. Note is says that he could be joining. What does this mean. Nothing, just file it under more unconfirmed rumors.


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