The Prince Of Mirkwood – A Story

by Jan 4, 2003Lord of the Rings (Movies)

“What news of the prince?” I asked King Thranduil wearily.

“His quest is over and will be hither by morning,” replied the king.

“And have you spoke to my father recently?” I questioned.

“Yes, why do you ask?” he asked.

“Because I wish to know if my father still wants me to go through with his proposal.” I said.

“Indeed he does and so do I. And Legolas also,” he said.

“Oh. I will retire now, Goodnight.”

I crept back to my room and pondered deeply why my father is so stuborn. I told him before I left Lothlorien that did not wish to marry Legolas and that my heart belonged to another. He ignored me as always. I had spoken to Frodo while he was there. I can’t stop thinking of him and the great perils ahead of him. I slept through the night uneasily to a chily awakening.

“Estel, Estel!!” someone cried. And then I felt a splash of ice cold water on my face. I woke with a start.

“I’m awake what is thy problem?” I asked.

“Nothing is the matter but you need to get up or you’ll be late to the banquet.” Byrne said.

“What is the celebration?” I asked wearilly.

“Legolas has returned!” she shouted merilly.

“Oh Great.” I said.

I got up and went to my closet. I peered in and saw a beautiful gown. I put it on and walked down the long corridors till I reached the Banquet Hall. There sat King Thrandull, Legolas and a few others that I didn’t recgonize were sitting peacefully at The Table. Legolas reckoned me to come sit next to him. He looked very different since the last time I saw him and it seemed as if he matured. I barely ate through out the whole banquet. And then at the end I told him I wanted to speak with him. He led me outside past the gates and up to an enormus tree. He climbed up the tree and I followed him up.Then we began talking almost at once.

“So what do you wish to speak to me about?” Legolas asked.

“About us wedding,” I replied.

“And do you still wish to marry me?Because I am having second thoughts and I would like to know how you feel about it. I have been away from my home for a very long time and have changed. My heart wishes to go across to the Grey Heavens. And I don’t wish to torment you by wedding you and making you go to the Grey Heavens.”He said.

“My heart also desires to go to the Grey Heavens but I have another reason. I love Frodo Baggines Of The Shire,” I declared.

“Then all is well since both of us do not wish to wed and I am building a boat and taking a few friends across. I heard rumour that Frodo would go there someday.”

We went back in the palace and spoke to Thrandul about our intentions. He said that he understood but he wanted us to stay there a while. Days turned weeks and weeks to months. Eventually we ended staying up there for two years.Then one fine April morning we set off.When we finally got there I was excited and ready to cross the sea. I was getting one last final look at Middle-earth and just as I was stepping up the boat. I saw Frodo! Along with Elrond, Galadriel, Samwise Gamgee, Meradioc Brandybuck, Gandalf the White and Peregin Took. I ran at full speed and jumped into Frodo’s arms. And for a while we just stood there embrassing each other as if it was the end of the world and then finally he kissed me. And then we held hands all the way as we left this world behind us.


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