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by Apr 2, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Director Harry Sinclair and stars Karl Urban (Eomer) and Danielle Cormack talk about their improvisational fairy tale The Price of Milk and their involvement in the upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Okay, let’s be honest. We’re only interested in the LOTR part of the interview, so here’s some excerpts:

Q: How’d you get involved with [Lord of the Rings]?

KS: Actually, I got involved with it after [Rings director] Peter Jackson saw a rough cut of Price of Milk. He and Harry are good friends, and it just happened to be in his face when he was casting for the role of [heroic warrior prince] Eomer, and he offered to me, because Danielle wasn’t available.

DC: Obviously I would’ve been his first choice for Eomer.

Q: Well, you guys were both on Xena together.

KU: Yes.

Q: So were you on the Lord of the Rings set as long as everybody else? It was an 11-month shoot. [Catches an annoyed look from Harry]. Don’t worry, I promise to get off this soon.

HS: [Sarcastically] Don’t worry about it, we all know what we’re really doing publicity for.

KU: Well, Harry’s in Lord of the Rings.

Q: [Laughs]

KU: He is! He really is.

HS: I am, actually.

KU: He plays Isildur [the mythical king who stole the titular ring of power from the evil lord Sauron in J.R.R. Tolkien’s saga].

HS: I’ve got three lines, and I kill a lot of things.

KU: Pete Jackson was trying to find the most obnoxious, pugnacious person to play is Islidur and he came up with Harry!

HS: Peter said, “Who’s the least trustworthy, who’s the most likely to betray his people — Harry!” So I’m this good guy who turns bad, but I only have about 10 seconds of screen time. So I have to go from good to bad in 10 seconds.

Q: It must have been crazy going from a shoestring production like Price of Milk to a monster, studio-funded, $270 million production like Lord of the Rings?

HS: I loved it, I loved it. I mean one minute I’m directing, working like mad, the next it’s like, “Can I get you another smoked salmon, Mr. Sinclair?” I’m sitting back, and there’s like 15 people tying the little leather thongs on my costume — I loved it.

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