The Line has Come and Gone… But the Moment of Truth has Come – The Trailer Beckons…

by Jan 12, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Donuts at dawn… yep, it’s definitely a sugar high.(l-r, Nathan, Sameer, Paul, Jonathan W., Ted, Cline, Jonathan B., David S., Craig, Jim; Joram is seated)
The time has come… No longer will our meager bodies be tormented by the fury of an angry mother nature–we’re goin’ in!

The 12 hour line has been a blast! Greg was playing the entire 12 hour BBC adaptation of LOTR, smores were perfectly browned over the fire, and rain beat relentlessly upon our makeshift canopy–but none of us regret a moment. I hope next time many more of you can form groups of Tolkien fans all over the world to enjoy events with (go to The Tolkien Guild)…

So, we’re on our way in! We’ll be posting our own reviews of the trailer later in the day; the highs, the lows, and everything in between!

Lastly, here are some parting thoughts from some of the folks in line, answering the two questions below.

And we’ll see you on the other side… 🙂

1) What are most looking forward to in the trailer?

2) What was most memorable about the line?

Greg Feiler

1)Accurate storyline and visuals for my brain, (Pics to go with voices and words from the tapes and the books)

2)The Cool People & The RAIN! 🙂

Jonathan Britton

1) Seeing the Massive orcs swarm across Mordor on a big screen. Oh yeah!

2) Meeting all the fans and webmasters who make the Tolkien online community such a great place to be every day.

There’s nothing like Krispy Kreme for soggy fans…
David Schulze

1)How Peej portrays Elves and the magic they possess.

2)Kicking booty for booty! 🙂

Ted Tschopp

1) I’m looking forward to seeing new pictures and scenes from the books.

2) Getting to put faces to the names of the people who showed up. I also loved meeting new people who have a common love of Tolkien.

David Mullich

1) Hearing the voices that go with the characters that we’ve only seen pictures of so far.

2) Posting a news story from a laptop atop a rickety table on the sidewalk in the middle of the rain

Nathan Watt

1) I’m looking forward to be able to see what the new movie will be and to get some sneak peaks at the characters and scenes.

2) Calling KROQ at 5 in the morning and having them laugh at me for having stand in the rain “like an idiot” all night.

Jonathan Watson

1) Getting my first glimpse of one man’s incredible vision of Middle-earth!

2) Warming my hands by the beautiful glow of the propane lamp…

Craig “Viceroy” Haasis

1) Seeing visualy, the scenes, people, and places mentioned in the books

2) The rain….oh my God, the rain.

Markus Watson

1) I’m just looking forward to actually seeing what the story looks like on film.

2) Cooking s’mores on a propane stove in the middle of the night under a tarp in the cold and the rain!


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