The Green Banner – So… just what IS it?

by Feb 22, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

We’ve been trying to figure out just what precisely that green banner image from the Official LOTR site is… Jon had the following revealing analysis:

I was just looking closely at the banner image from the official LOTR movie
site which has the heading “You tell us?”, trying to figure out what it is.
I notice that in the right half of the image, if you look closely, you can
see what appears to be the head of a lion sculpted into moss-covered rock
(maybe something at Helm’s Deep? I don’t know offhand
what this would be in LOTR, but I’ve included an enhanced image of this part
of the banner. You probably already noticed this, but I thought I’d pass it
along anyway. (Also note: the image appears to be CGI, and is completely
symmetrical–formed by mirroring one half of the image).

The Lion Head

Others have thought this might be a close-up of Shelob… while some just look at it and shrug. What do you think? Tell us in the messageboard.


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