Suite101: Ferthu Theoden Hal! – Why did the Rohirrim so admire Theoden?

by Oct 6, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

“Did Theoden foresee that war would come to Rohan in his time, and that it would be war of the most desperate kind which his people hadn’t seen for generations?”
In this week’s Suite101 article, Michael Martinez studies the world in which Theoden lived to learn a little more about him and why he was so special.

Here is an excerpt:

One tale people seldom discuss is the story of Theoden. That is, people who have read
The Lord of the Rings recognize Theoden as the heroic king of Rohan who with the aid of Gandalf recovers from the evil spell Saruman’s spy and surrogate, Grima Wormtongue, has woven about him. Theoden seems bent with old age when the reader first sees him, and then Gandalf works a near-miraculous recovery on the king. Theoden rides forth to do battle with his enemies and the enemies of Gondor, and he dies in glory on the Pelennor Fields.

It may surprise people to learn that we know a great deal about Theoden’s life and career, and that we can probably reasonably infer many things about him from the events and peoples who surrounded him.

Why did the Rohirrim so admire Theoden? Was it simply because he was their king? These were a brave and warlike people who valued courage, honesty, and faithfulness. They would not have been devoted to a king whom they considered weak just because his ancestors had accomplished great things.

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