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by May 15, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Cinescape is reporting on this article about Stewart Townsend’s brief experience playing Aragorn in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. Sounds like old news to us, but some of you may wish to revisit the man who was to be Aragorn.

The Irish actor Stewart Townsend has left the epic The Lord of the Rings which was set ot be the biggest film of his career so far. He has described his short involvement with TLOTR as “a nasty experience.”

Townsend, who stars with Kate Hudson in the romantic comedy About Adam, landed the role of Aragorn, the rightful king of Middle Earth in the trilogy, which is filming in New Zealand. But after only a few days he was replaced by actor Viggo Mortensen because of what the film studio New Line called “creative differences” between Townsend and the director, Peter Jackson.

“It’s a long story,” Dublin-born Townsend tells the Los Angeles Times. “Like any experience, good or bad, it was a lesson. Although you may not have a map through life, there is a plan somewhere. As you get older you learn to let things go.”

Townsend has just finished filming his role as the Vampire Lestat in Anne Rice’s The Queen of the Damned and will next co-star with Charlize Theron and Courtney Love in the thriller 24 Hours.


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