Spy Report on 20-Minute Preview Footage – Dark Horizons

by Nov 14, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

A spy calling himself “Vermont” tells Dark Horizons about 20 minutes of rough Lord of the Rings footage he saw in Sydney.

“This morning I was one of the priveleged few to see 20 minutes of rough footage from the most awaited film of next year at Fox Studios in Sydney. The Executive Producer, Mark Odesky, flew over from New Zealand with the footage and showed it with much pride and excitement to the assembled marketing audience. The footage consisted of dramatic interaction between the lead characters, the Hobbits interacting with humans, Gandalf’s introduction, the Ringwraiths searching for Frodo and a battle scene featuring Boromir and Aragorn.

“The last clip, however, was from the finale of the second feature, The Two Towers. This was the night siege of a castle and featured hundreds of extras suited in authentic medieval armour. [Hmm, but is it authentic Tolkien armor — David]. It resembled the battle scenes from Excalibur…just on a huge scale and with Orcs attacking instead of knights. And that it resembled Excalibur is no bad thing. Apparently, they even made all the armoury on a medieval forge for authenticity!

“The accompanying music was culled from many soundtracks including The Thin Red Line and Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan. We were also treated to several featurettes about the making of the epics. This included the ‘making’ of the 300,000 strong Orc army. Even without a film grade and finished effects the footage sent a shiver up my spine. To say I can’t wait for Boxing Day 2001 is a slight understatement.”


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