SPOILERS TTT Extended Edition & ROTK Preview Details – A look at what we will see on the Two Towers DVD!

by Aug 15, 2003Lord of the Rings (Movies)

From Council-of-Elrond comes a complete description, including dialogue, of what we will witness in the TTT SE/ROTK previews located on the Two Towers DVD. Here it is:

Two Towers Extended Edition

 – Saruman looking through his book, Grima stands in the shadows: “So Gandalf Greyhame thinks he has found Isildurs heir, the lost king of Gondor. He is a fool.”

– At a camp on the Rohan Plains, Aragorn and Gandalf talk strategy: “Sauron fears what you may become, and so he will strike hard and fast at the world of men. We must trust now in Frodo.”

– Fords of Isen in pouring rain [beautiful shot!], bodies everywhere.

– Sam & Frodo climbing down a huge mountain with the rope. Sam: Can you see the bottom? Frodo: “No. Aaaarrrggh!!! He falls into the fog.”

– The forest of Fangorn slowly moves down the hillside [looks great!]. Pip: [from TBs back]” Look the trees, they’re moving!” TB: “They have business with the orcs.”

– Frodo in Henneth Annun: “If something has happened to Boromir, then we would have you tell us.” Faramir: “His horn washed up on the riverbank. It was cloven in two.”

– Faramir wades in Anduin as low-lying elven boat passes by.

– Boromir, in full armor, joyously hugging Faramir. Faramirs lieutenant stands in the background.

– Frodo looking nervous in Emyn Muil.

– Tearful Eowyn at funeral.

– Aragorn looking happy on plains of Rohan, daytime.

– Aerial shot of a rider (Grima) galloping towards orthanc.

– Grishnak approaches M&P from behind (preview shot). Pip: “They think we have the ring! Merry: Shhhh!”

– Taking Ent Draught. Merry: [accusingly] “You’re taller!” Pip: [brushing him off]: “Ive always been taller than you. Merry: [suspicious] You did something.” [quite a comic scene, I am relieved].

– Soldiers of Gondor celebrate in Osgiliath. Boromir gives a smiling Faramir a chalice of beer. “Remember today, little brother. Today, life is good. Cheers!”

– Boromir pulls a peeved-looking Denethor into a side room during the celebration. Boromir: [pleadingly]” He loves you, father.” Denethor: “Do not trouble me with Faramir. I know his uses and they are few.” [Noble does a good job.] Boromir looks upset.

– Gollum, Frodo and Sam wade through water just before entering the sewers. Faramir violently grabs Gollum by the neck and throws him.

– Lots of citizens and royal knights gather as a very dead Theodred is carried to his burial mound.

– Boromir perches on top of a tower in Osgiliath and plants a large white Flag of Gondor. Many hundreds of knights and rangers cheer below him. [pretty epic shot]. Boromir: “This city has been reclaimed for Gondor!” Cheering.

– Gollum cups his face in his hands in Emyn Muil, F&S are in background.

– Frodo looks stressed in Emyn Muil.

– Aragorn and Arwen speak at dawn in Rivendell.

– Eowyn obsessing over Aragorn in the stables.

– Aragorn, the horse whisperer.

– Boromir in boat, quite dead and submerged.

– Boromir setting out for Rivendell on horseback, Faramir looks distressed.

– M&P walking in waste-deep water, picking up floating apples.

– Gimli smoking while sitting on a dead Uruk (we’ve all seen the photo).

– Legolas in armor, on foot, loosing an arrow in daylight. (must have to do with the competition, I bet he shoots the tie-breaking orc).

– Gollum spazzing out in Emyn Muil.

– Brego rearing in the stable.

– Merry getting squeezed in Fangorn.

– Running through the sewers. (they look cool).

– Treebeard bending down to peak into the flooded larder (maybe dropping off M&P).

– Eomer carrying Theodred on horseback.

– Gandalf looks stunned at the arrival of the Huorns.

– Treebeard puts down a sleeping M&P on the forest floor.

– Uruks run into the forest of Huorns.

– Eomer rides in front of Gandalf, Theoden and the Riders of Rohan. Eomer:” Keep away from the trees!- Frodo fondles the Ring in the Dead Marshes. Gollum: Once it takes ahold of us it never lets go”

The Return of the King
– Frodo lying on his back in Shelob’s cave, holding up the vial. He looks behind him and is terrified.

– Citizenry watch as a long column of Gondor’s cavalry slowly trot down the streets of Minas Tirith. Faramir is in the lead. [epic slo-mo shots].

– Eomer, on foot, whacks a Mordor orc in the face with his shield.

– Theoden rides through his encampment with Aragorn and Legolas.

– Orcs jeering.

– Hundreds of orcs loosing arrows from the ramparts of Osgiliath.

– Wild-eyed Eomer charges on horseback, spear-raised towards camera.

– Gandalf looks pensive in the streets of Minas Tirith.

– Gandalf speaks to his companions in Meduseld: “Understand things are now in motion that cannot be undone. If the Ring is destroyed, Sauron will fall. But if Sauron regains the ring, his victory will be so complete that none can foresee the end of it while this world lasts.”

– A force of cavalry, led by Faramir, enter the gates of Minas Tirith, pre-battle.

– Aragorn walks into Denethor’s Hall. It is empty. The hall is shiny white marble, with mosaic floor and lots of statues. It is very well lit. It looks very much like the Vatican.

– Sam runs across a bridge into the Orc Tower of Cirith Ungol. It looks like a mini-barad-dur. Very cool shot.

– Orcs battle in Minas Tirith (osgiliath), daylight.

– A frightened Aragorn, carrying Anduril, runs through a narrow passage inside the Paths of the Dead.

-Tearful Arwen in a blue babushka.

– Aragorn speaks to Gandalf about Sauron: “He has gone unchallenged long enough.” Great delivery by Viggo.

– Aragorn rides into the Vale of Dwimoberg.

– Door to the PotD. Looks like something out of Raiders of the Lost Arc. Skulls everywhere. Wind and smoke are blowing out of the entrance. The Three Hunters look horrified. Aragorn walks in.

– Denethor sits in a small black throne next to some marble steps leading up to a larger white throne. Gandalf and Pip walk towards him. The Hall is empty. Denethor: “Word has reached my ears of this Aragorn, Son of Arathorn. And I tell you now, I will not bow to this Ranger of the North.” He shakes with anger. Pippin looks offended.

– Thousands of torch bearing orcs on the move through their encampment. Tents are scattered everywhere. Dead animals hand from sticks.

– M&P in Edoras. Merry: “Don’t you understand? The enemy thinks you have the Ring. He’s coming for you.” Pippin looks like he might throw up.

– Gandalf and Pip ride over a ridge for the first frontal money-shot of Minas Tirith.

– Merry kneels before Theoden (from teaser).

– Merry charges with the Riders of Rohan. Another money-shot with thousands of horsemen moving.

These shots are spread throughout interviews.


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