SPOILERS The Trilogy Movie Experience – A Two Towers Preview Through My Eyes!

by Dec 5, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

I just watched this special Two Towers thing done last night on WB EST Television. It was so INCREDIBLY AWESOME!

Scene: I saw one scene from TTT and its not true to the book. Theoden and his people are on their way to Helm’s Deep when wargs attack! (Yeah, right.) But Aragorn warns them and Theoden says to Eowyn you must lead the people to Helm’s Deep so she doesn’t become the leader until that time, when in the book she becomes the leader earlier. But she steals one glance at Aragorn before he goes off to fight the wargs. It’s really neat. I really like Viggo. I am so lost! I can’t decide now who I am in love with Aragorn or Legolas Viggo or Orlando. I like the character Aragorn more, but I think I like Orlando more because he does so many cool things even though he can’t ride very well. I REALLY LIKE BILLY BOYD! He is so cool with his Scottish accent and he and Elijah Wood went surfing! And I love to surf! Orlando and Dom went and fell out of a helicopter bungy jumping so awesome.

One time: Viggo was doing a scene when he’s going through a river pretending to be unconscious (Yeah, right he never fell in a battle and never did that once) but he said the current was so strong and it pulled him under like fifteen feet and he couldn’t com up and he’s like “This is the End, you know?” But suddenly he doesn’t know what happened his foot maybe pushed against a rock and he came up just in time. And I’m thinking “God,” but that’s not what he said. But I would like to meet him or any one of them.

Andy Serkis was so neat too as Gollum: One part in the middle of Winter he had to jump into a freezing ice cold lake and do the scene four times trying to catch a fish.

Sean Astin: Sean Astin also had a tough time once. When they were filming the part where he had to jump into the river and act like he was drowning, he began to swim out into the boat but suddenly stopped. He walked back out onto the land and they saw his foot bleeding. The blood was really coming because he had stepped on a piece of glass, and it literally sliced through his foot and came out the other side! Twenty four stitches later, he was back in the scene!!!!

Arwen: Liv Tyler is talking about how the rest of the actors kind of became a fellowship but she doesn’t really work with a lot of the characters besides Viggo. She says it was so neat to put on the elf ears and get into these really feminine beautiful dresses. She and Orlando Bloom also had the ‘hots’ for each other. It was really neat watching her at one time brush her hand across his cheek just off screen just for fun.

Miranda Otto: Said when going to Edoras which was way out in the country she slept for an hour, and the sun was just coming up when someone woke her and there she saw it sitting on a hill. She said that when she first saw Viggo’s Aragorn, and needing to play a character in love with him, it was so not hard. She said “I rebuke any woman who does not fall in love with Aragorn.” She thought his character was amazing and he really is smashing and I do agree with her.

Helms Deep: If you call Edoras the Heaven of The Two Towers then Helm’s Deep would be the Hell. Viggo shared his experience and how he hated it and how he enjoyed it. These extras and stunt men and he John Rhys-Davies and Legolas had to be there 24/7 just fighting. And people just passed out from the endless exhaustion of Helm’s Deep. And during most of these scenes it was dark and raining and even pouring rain sometimes. And this scene took like a couple months to shoot.

Actors: The actors all admitted that they had changed. They all admitted how they each grew close and really did become a Fellowship became a family and truly great friends working on this project because they were away from their family for two years living in New Zealand. Sean Astin and Elijah Wood became good friends. And Dominic Monahogen and Billy Boyd had too much fun together! One time Dom (as he is nicknamed) just stuck a piece of tape onto Billy’s chest without even asking him because he said that Billy’s hairs were messing up his microphone. LOL!!! So Billy said, “You know he didn’t even ask me if he could do that.” LOL But then Billy allowed him to rip the piece of tape off. Billy did not scream or cry but simply flinched as any one of us would do. AH that Scottish Blood in him. (I have it too.)

Experience: It was truly a real changing experience for each one of these actors to work on this project of The Lord of the Rings. They have all changed for the better. And they said it would be an experience they would remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. So when you go to see The Two Towers or any of the other Trilogy movies, remember how hard each of these actors did on their parts. How early they rose ever morning to working till midnight. And think to yourself, “Could I possibly have done it?” The movies are great and they are visual and amazing but so are the books. I ask each and every one of you to remember all the hard effort they put into this project. I am sure we will cherish these movies for the rest of our ‘hobbitish’ lives. And how it all began from those amazing words, “In a hole, there lived a hobbit.” YEAH J.R.R TOLKIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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