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by Jan 15, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

The Daily Radar‘s Aaron John Loeb finds the theatrical trailer to be a hit.

Maybe JFK really did almost get us into a nuclear war with Russia over some bay filled with pigs in Cuba, but who cares? Today New Line cinema released the first theatrical trailer for Fellowship of the Rings in front of its new Costner vehicle, Thirteen Days. If you haven’t seen it yet, and you’re opposed to spoilers, please stop reading this article. If you continue to read this article, discover that you’ve read spoilers, and then spend even 10 seconds writing us a note complaining about the inclusion of spoilers, we will send someone to your house to give you the beating your parents always wanted to give you.

Earlier in the week, we ran a checklist of potential problems with the movie. It was the 10 easy steps to turning what could be a great movie into a terrible one. We suggested folks see how many of the 10 things the trailer indicated Peter Jackson would try. We are pleased to report that Jackson got a very low score, as the trailer seem to indicate that Jackson committed none of our 10 sins against Tolkiendom. Instead, the preview teases, in its under-two minute presentation, that these movies will take their subject matter very seriously.

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