SPOILERS: Photos of the Set at Lower Hutt – Updated 5/17 – Exclusive Photos of Imladris?!

by May 17, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Natasha came through with these great shots of what’s going on in the Wingate area of Lower Hutt. She reported in on Monday, but now has managed to get the pictures below of the set! Great going Natasha!

5/17 Update: Susan also chimed in, saying, “It is definitely a Rings set — the (in)famous “Jamb” sign is present! One item of interest — this set is right next to the local railway line — hope they’ve got timetables of the suburban passenger trains (mainly daytime) and the freight trains (night-time)!!”

The cliffs of Rivendell?

More of the cliffs of Rivendell?

A crane in the foreground


The horizon.

The back of the cliffs.

Remember this from before?

A set piece from an earlier Rivendell shoot? It seems that way…

A wide shot of the set piece.

Wide shot of the set.

Behind the set.

More of the rear of the set.

Close up of the Scaffolding.

More scaffolding.

The back side of Rivendell.

Wideshot of the back side of Rivendell.

Also, “Priam” sent an email in which he used his deductive capabilities to discern the set as Rivendall/Imladris. Here’s what he said:

It seems that, what with a pony with an unusually large pommel and cantel, that one of the hobbits shall be riding it: what with the imaging technique reportedly used on the hobbits, it would look weird if Aragorn’s pommel looked the same size compared to him as Frodo’s pommel…

That leaves Bill the Pony and the several ponies used between Hobbiton and Bree. Large crane-mounted cameras indicate panoramic shots, though they can be used simply for their steadycam applications as well (for converse while mounted). I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THE AREA, but it seems it could be either the area between Hobbiton an Bree or southern Eregion (near Moria). However, the source mentioned “strange gear” on the pony, which could be ANY-thing having to do with Middle-earth, but hints at Elven stuff.

Having a multitude of cars there hints at lots of peeps; and a scene at or leaving Imladris would make sense: you need lots of extra elves, and as elves are high-maintenence for a director (make-up etc.) I can conclude that…

The scene being developed was leaving or at least in Imladris.


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