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by May 28, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Many thanks to Sharon for scanning these images! Notice that these images are being filmed on Mount Ruapehu, so most likely the filming is of the Last Alliance, and Frodo and Sam’s approach to Mount Doom… I’m just impressed by how good those feet look! The article that accompanied these images is further below…

Humans get ready for battle.

Orc and Elf Fight it Out.

Orcs and Elves awaiting their cue.

Frodo and Sam with director Peter Jackson

Frodo and Sam take a seat.

Frodo and Sam get ready for the call to “action!”

Climbing on Ruapehu.

Frodo and Sam walking on the set.

NZ Womens Weekly

Elves, Orcs & Hobbits bearing hot water bottles are taking over Mt.Ruapehu … but it’s all in a day’s work filming LOTR.

Lord of the Rings actors Elijah Wood and Sean Austin, who play Hobbits Frodo & Sam, look perfectly happy clambering over rocks and taking advice during the filming of these scenes at Whakapapa, near the base of Ruapehu, recently. But the chill in the air obviously proved too much for them — the pair sat on hot water bottles to keep warm during breaks in filming.

Our exclusive pictures show the shooting of scenes from Frodo & Sam’s journey to Mordor. A series of marching scenes and battles between warriors and orcs were also shot. Often three scenes were filmed at any one time.

“The whole thing was very well organised,” says an onlooker. “The equipment they’re using is very high-tech and each of the filming units is linked by satellite, so director Peter Jackson can watch all of the scenes being filmed at once on screen monitors. Spectacular armour, including shields with intricate motifs, was worn for the battle scenes.

There are 700 cast & crew members involved in making the LOTR trilogy. They suffered a setback about three weeks ago, when a sudden dump of snow caused the roof of a costume tent to collapse. Some costumes needed repairing but no other problems arose during the four weeks spent filming at Whakapapa. The cast and crew have returned to Wellington to continue filming and will head to the South Island soon.


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