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by Jan 15, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

The Toronto Star‘s Movie Critic reviews the first trailer New Line Cinema has released to movie theaters.

Trailer a force of hobbit

By Peter Howell

Toronto Star Movie Critic

In this hurry-up world of 2001, you no longer get your full 15 minutes of fame.

Case in point is the brief new teaser trailer for the upcoming The Fellowship Of The Ring, the first chapter in Peter Jackson’s wildly anticipated Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy. It arrives today with cult thunder at theatres showing the JFK drama Thirteen Days, hoping to whet the appetites of anxious Tolkien fans the world over.

Clocking in at a scant one minute and 46 seconds, this trailer is more teaser than crowd-pleaser, but it improves on an earlier clip shown on the Internet.

The first half resembles a Birk’s jewellery commercial (I kept looking for the blue box), with several close-ups of a golden ring being examined and tossed. A voice of doom intones a nursery rhyme: “One ring to rule them all / One ring to find them / One ring to bring them all / And in the darkness bind them.”

Is this all we get in advance of the Christmas 2001 blockbuster that’s being touted, with appropriate P. T. Barnum puffery, as “the most extraordinary tale ever told”?

But wait. The second half, all 53 seconds of it, is so exciting it could easily become hobbit-forming. The camera whizzes past scenes guaranteed to rock the multiplex, including a fight with warriors clad in that trendy green that everybody is wearing these days.

There’s a close-up of a fearsome King Lear type, who is either Ian McKellen as Gandalf or Christopher Lee as Saruman (sorry – I blinked), and who has a pained expression like that of any theatre owner who doesn’t get to show this money-maker next December.

Hero kid Frodo (Elijah Wood) pops up, sword in hand, along with his fellow hobbits. So does the wild Strider (Viggo Mortensen). So, too, does the beguiling Elf-Queen Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), who soothes a worried Frodo with the words, “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

The trailer closes with the tag line for the flick, which would make a great recruiting slogan: “You will find adventure, or adventure will find you.”

Brave words, but is the movie gonna be any good?

I won’t be able to tell you that until I see at least another two minutes of it.


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