SPOILERS More Details on those 16 Minutes of TTT Scenes – The Crebain from Pasadena answers your questions.

by Oct 3, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Fans on our Messageboard have many questions about the sixteen minutes of The Two Towers footage New Line Cinema has been showing to very select audiences.  Our flock of spies, the Crebain of Pasadena, tosses back some answers.



What were your overall impressions of the clips?


Watching the preview was surreal. The clips were not strung together like they are in trailers, it was like scene, cut, black screen for five seconds, and scene. Everytime the black screen followed, it was like I was snapped back into reality, and once the scene started again, I again was immersed into Middle-earth. When it was all over, and everyone was silen in admiration of the preview. If only six scenes have this kind of effect on people, can you imagine how Two Towers is going to be? I may be a revisionist, and defender of PJ, but I truly believe that Two Towers is going to be phenomenal. (I think the final trailer is a definite indicator that it is!)



How was all the acting from the scenes you saw? 

Excellent! Each of the actors truly transformed into their characters on screen. Frodo and Sam scene especially impressive, because the actors really made it seem Gollum was there with them. Andy Serkis plays a very convincing Gollum. I believe he has truly captured the essence of Gollum.


In the Elrond and Arwen scene, Hugo Weaving was touching and showed a father’s love, concern for his daughter. Grima also very, very well done. He truly makes the audience just as disgusted as Eowyn was.


Viggo, as always, was great.  From Aragorn’s composure in the Eomer scene, to his fighting and leadership in hellish Helm’s Deep, I could definitely see Aragorn’s character developing into a future king.  Ah, anf of course, Eowyn. She as well was wonderful.  iranda truly was able to bring onto screen the beauty, grace and strength that Eowyn  carries. I initially had doubts about the casting of Eowyn, but now I say, bring on the Witch King!


What were your impressions of the characters?


There was so little on Theoden, so I can’t say much about him. In the Aragorn/Theoden scene, he only said a couple lines, and that scene probably isn’t a good one to judge him on. I do remember him kicking some orc butt at Helm’s Deep though!


Eowyn was wonderful in the Grima scene. She’s so beautiful, and even in the scene where she is weeping, I could see her inner strength especially after she resists Grima’s actions and words.


Eomer was also excellent. He is just like how I imagined when I was reading the books. The tone of his voice and outward appearance were very strong, and was an obvious leader.  


Grima was sooo good! Everything from his accent, to his physical attributes was perfect for Grima. He’s so creepy, especially when his desire for Eowyn is so obvious in that scene. I wanted to throw his hand off Eowyn’s shoulder and face myself!



In the Eomer/Three Hunters meeting does Aragorn proclaim who he is, like in the book:” I am Aragorn……Isildur’s Heir King of Gondor. etc…” ?


No. From what I saw, Aragorn simply says that they are friends of King Theoden.

Was that the Arwen sleeping scene we glimpsed so long ago? Falling leaves, crimson dress, sleeves like pooled blood?


No. In the scene in the trailer, Arwen is lying with her eyes open, indoors.

Do any of the Rohirrim speak in their own language?


I did not hear any, but it’s possible. Aragorn could have yelled for the soldiers to retreat to the keep in Rohirrim. I don’t know the word for “keep” in Sindarin or any Rohirrim to know what he yelled. I assumed it was Elvish. 



Is the scene of Arwen lying down, the one we keep seeing of her in the black and red dress on the odd crib looking bed?


I think I answered this in one of the questions above.


Is there more to the sixteen minutes?


No, just the six scenes I described earlier.


Is Elrond telling Arwen he will not be coming back, or that Aragorn will not be coming back?


That Aragorn will not be coming back.


Is there any indication if Elrond is leaving for the Havens or staying in ME?


Not in that clip.


How did Gollum look?  Could you see his eyes?


I did see his eyes.  His face looks like Bakshi’s Gollum. Short, wide face, large eyes, small nose, tiny proportioned teeth. Very pale, very thin. The movement of Gollum (for CGI) was very impressive. When he was on that Elven rope, he squirmed, rolled on the ground in agony, just as the real Gollum would have.



Why does Gimli want to be thrown into a pile of Orcs? How is that an acceptable strategy?  Why does he have to be tossed by someone else? Why can’t he make the jump himself?


Aragorn and Gimli snuck out from a back door to do a surprise attack on the group of Berserker Orcs that were trying to burst through the gate door. Gimli because of his short legs, obviously cannot make the momentum to jump and reach the orcs. (just as in Moria when he barely made it). Thus, he is asking Aragorn to throw him. Once Gimli is thrown, Aragorn follows and they both start to fight the Berserker Orcs, who are caught by surprise.




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