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by Jul 31, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

An extensive interview with associate producer Rick Porras; tidbits about merchandising, dialog recording, and who plays Sauron; and questions answered about the prologue, film stills, Sam’s daughter, and Sauron vs. Saruman.

Here are some brief excerpts:

  • On Location: So, is Film One on track for December? Or will Peter Jackson be sitting in the editing bay minutes before walking down the red carpet at the premiere?

    According to Porras, things are looking good: “We’re in ‘finishing Film One’ mode, with about 20 percent of the postproduction process left. The final visual effects are coming in, and we’re putting on the final layers.”

    A cut of the film has already been shown to New Line executives. “We’re getting the studio’s comments and continuing to make it better,” he says. Contrary to earlier reports, the studio won’t show the film before its December release.

    “We aren’t previewing in the traditional route. Considering the amount of interest in the films, I’m glad we’re not. This way, there’s less chance of people finding out details in advance and releasing clips on the Net.”

  • The Latest Word: The mystery of Sauron’s appearance got a little less quizzical last month, when it was revealed that New Zealander Sala Baker will “embody” Sauron for the trilogy. But just how he’ll look is still a secret. Baker has also done stunt work and motion-capture performing for LOTR.

  • Ask the Insider: Sean’s wife and daughter joined him in New Zealand for the 18-month shoot, and Alexandra got some time in front of the cameras, playing Elanor Gamgee, Sam’s eldest daughter. Since Elanor isn’t born till after Sam returns from his quest with Frodo, Alex probably won’t appear until the end of Film Three, The Return of the King.

Plus, E! Online‘s new Lord of the Rings Photo Gallery.

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