SPOILERS A Recap of The Return of the King 20 Minute Preview – A Review

by Oct 14, 2003Lord of the Rings (Movies)

So how to respond….
How to respond…

The footage was amazing.

We were asked not to do a shot for shot description, which I thought somewhat strange, but I would comply. Now I know why… These scenes are rather good, and I’m reminded of when I got to see the The Fellowship of the Ring before everyone else. Though I don’t know how to do these scenes justice, I’ll still try to emotionally describe them.

The first scene is Gollum talking to himself in a puddle of water. We have seen the scene in the trailer, and Gollum is better than he was in TTT. Poor old Smeagol is being hoodwinked by Gollum. You feel sorry for the poor ol’ hobbit which is buried down inside him. You also start to worry about Frodo. While it’s true they do need to keep Gollum, they are in a bit of a quandry; to leave him means they have no guide, to keep him means he will guide them to their death.

Shelob… She is disgusting. She is fat, and has a mean streak a mile wide. The whole thing was much too short. But needless to say, that little bit you have seen in the trailer, is only her face, and not the rest of her body.

In talking with Chris (Calisuri from TORN) and Jonathan, we all didn’t know how to describe the lengthy Denethor scene. I said I would say this… Pippin sings. Words cannot describe. It’s an amazing shot which descriptions do not do it justice. The weight of the whole scene is summed up in the final little bit. Gandalf is sitting alone dejected and frustrated (or at least that was what I thought). Minis Tirith will fall. He knows of the Corsairs, and the Southrons, and the Easterlings, and even if Aragorn can get the Rohan to fight they will not be enough and now Denethor is throwing his own son away.

The dialogue between Faramir and Denethor is amazing. Denathor wants Faramir to die, and the only way he will accept his son as his son will be if he returns dead and dying.

Elrond… I always wondered about his motivation in PJ’s version of Middle-earth. Why is he upset at his daughter and Aragorn? Here, in this film, the reason finally comes out… Arwen is dying. Really, she is going to die. Or perhaps something worse. Elrond knows that Aragorn can’t win. There is no chance of it. Aragorn can not rally enough forces to defeat Sauron. It’s not possible. But Elrond knows that now there is nothing he can do to save his daughter. She will marry Aragorn, and Aragorn will fall and his daughter will be captured by Sauron, and tortured and probably turned into a orc of some kind. The only chance he has in this fool errand is to make sure that Aragorn can survive the fall of Minas Tirith. And the only way he can do this is by forcing him to become king, so he can summon the oath breakers and rally them to defeat the Corsairs, which no one up until this point knows about. And to do this Aragorn must have the sword and he must become convinced that he can be king. This works for me.

Eowyn and her uncle. I can’t say much about this. Words again do not describe. Theoden knows his time has come, and as a good king and father he prepares his ‘daughter’ to rule in his stead. But she is pissed. It is not her ‘fathers’ time to die. Why is he so willing to accept death. And why can’t she herself go along, she is of Rohan. And they survived the battle of helms deep, how bad can this next battle be? All Theoden wants is for her to rejoice and the laugh and smile.

The Charge of the Rohan. Well, we didn’t get to see all of it, just the whole pep talk before hand. Eowyn knows she should have stayed behind–she has never seen this many orcs before. But here Theoden is observing the battle lines correctly, and reacting as a good commander should. Now that all is prepared… Let us Ride! Ride for Ruin!

I will try to answer as many questions as possible. But remember, I might choose not to answer some, because I do not want to give a poor impression of something I can not put to words.

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