SPOILER Total Films Magazine “Lord of the Rings” Article (UPDATED) – With “Exclusive” Pics

by Nov 21, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Cirdan, webmaster of Der Herr der Ringe, has scanned in a Lord of the Rings article from the December 2000 issue of Total Film Magazine. The “Rough Cut In Production” article claims to feature “exclusive pics,” but we’ve seen these images before.

The Large and Short of It: a Hobbit runs foul of one of the Ringwraiths.

Uruk-hai on the move.

The Fellowship of the Ring struggles up a hill slope.

As always, click on each of the above images to see a larger version.

UPDATE 6:00pm, November 21, 2000

Here is the text of the article.

Star Wars? Schmar Wars. Everyone knows that the biggest movie event of the next year is reallyone time gore-splaster Peter Jackson’s big-dollar take on The Best Book Ever (TM), The Lord of the Rings. Forget yer robots, spaceships and lightsabers – 2001 looks to be the year of wizards, balrogs and gnome-spods with large, hairy feet.

So, to heighten your anticipation of all things hobbity, gobliny and wraithy, those benevolent sages at New Line have furnished Uncle Rough Cut with some exclusive pics. And it certainly looks like Jackson’s people-shrinking CG trickery is working a treat, with that unfortunate Hobbit no doubt choking on his pipeweed as a looming, naughty Ringwraith thunders his way.

Jackson and co are still in the thick of the shoot, sticking with an ambitious plan to lens all three chapters of the trilogy in one go, then slice it threeways in post-production. Unsurprisingly, keeping then project under wraps has proved tough, and since production began, someone’s already been arrested on four counts of theft, while a stuntman pleaded guilty to reproducing on-set videotapes and flogging them on the net. Yet some carefully controlled leakage has led to a healthy trickle of info-juice.

Firstup, we’ve got a concrete release date for The Fellowship of the Ring: 14 December 2001, which means that, incredibly, UK audiences will catch it a week before the US. But the original plan to roll out the next two installments (The Two Towers and The Return of the King) within six months of each other has been ditched, and we won’t see them until 2002 and 2003 respectively.

The Silence of the Lambsscorer Howard Shore has been confirmed as the trilogy’s composer, pipping James Horner (he of Titanic fame) at the psot, so now it’s up to Shore to fulfill Jackson’s vague brief that the tunage should have “a Celtic feel without being Celtic.”

And finally, chief evil-beard Christpher Lee (twiddling his ‘tache as corrupted conjurer Saruman) recently gabbed with French Lucasfilm Magazine about his involvement in the trilogy. And, while he didn’t give much up, he did set pulses racing with the Lucas-worrying quote that: “According to my personal involvement, and what I’ve seen of the action scenes, I’d say that the effect will be as big as Star Wars was in its time.” Bring on the Orcish hordes.


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