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by Nov 15, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

After reading reactions to his review of the Lord of the Rings 20-minute preview shown in Sydney, the Wide-Mouthed Frog realized he made some mistakes in his report and tries to convince outraged fans to chill out.

I’ve been reading some of the talkback messages about my report, and thought I would clarify some of the points/questions.

1. I am not a f****** studio plant.

2. I wrote the report at one a.m in the morning. I didn’t realise that every word I wrote would be picked over to death (D’OH! How could I be so naive…) and could be reinterpreted in a hundred different ways.


I don’t think I made it clear enough that the scenes didn’t necessarily follow each other. They were shown in the order they would appear in the film, BUT NOT IN DIRECT SEQUENCE – It could well be the case that there was a gap of years between scenes, including the first and second. One of the talkbackers suggested that Gandalf was arriving at the beginning to attend a party.. apparently in the book when Gandalf and Frodo examine the ring, it’s several years later? …this well could have been the case.


It probably was Gandalf that threw the ring into the fire. I presumed it was Frodo, but was probably wrong. The scene actually started with the ring in the fire. I don’t think the exact words “It won’t be hot” and “What does it say” were used; that was just the essence of the dialogue. I think it could have been Frodo that asked what the words were, but Gandalf definitely asked him to read it, and told him the ring would not be hot to touch.


I didn’t realise that the dude in the cape with screech had bad eyesight – this would make sense as to why he didn’t see Frodo. Also, perhaps too much was made of the mist – it wasn’t dramatic or thick or fast or swirly (the mist in PRINCE OF EGYPT that went through the village this was NOT). It was more like dust that had a faint blueish tinge to it. Maybe it was sort of like a ‘scout’… and it did also seem to be the case that only Frodo saw it…. but then again that could have been because all the other hobbits were getting stuck into looking for the mushrooms. Also, this was the only time the mist was seen – it didn’t appear in any of the other shots of the bada***** on horses.


I may have been wrong about whether Mortensen was with Frodo and Sean Bean in this scene on the mountain… I thought he was, but then again I may have made this assumption because he was in the scene before (which could have been a lot earlier in the film). Sean Bean’s character seemed to have a lot of attitude.


I shouldn’t have said the words ‘peaks of the mountain’ here – in fact it wasn’t icy at all, they just seemed to be high up somewhere, in some sort of old castle or ruins or something.. like a little circular amphitheatre without the seats.. I think it was circular anyway. It was definitely Frodo and Mortensen though. Mortensen told him to RUN.


I AM NOT A F****** STUDIO PLANT. Forgive me if I was supposed to know the book back to front. I didn’t go with the intention of sending this report but as soon as it started I realised I was seeing something pretty special and you guys might be keen to hear about. The footage was only run once – sorry if I have caused confusion, but I’m pretty sure that what I’ve said is accurate. One more thing – I felt that the film was going to be amazing, because something that Ordesky said rang true. I didn’t feel like I was watching a ‘movie’… I lost sense of myself in another world. I wanna go back for more something shocking. The year’s wait is gonna kill me.


Follow the link below to read Harry of Ain’t It Cool News‘ take on things.


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