SPOILER See Boromir Big! – Empire Publishes Sizable Image of Son of Denethor

by Mar 3, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Special thanks to Nona at The Compleat Sean Bean for getting a hold of this image in Empire Online, scanning, and then emailing it over to me!

Great pic of the Son of Denether, is it not? He simply looks troubled, driven by his sense of duty to protect his home and people, wrestling with the knowledge of the power that The One Ring has to bring Sauron to defeat.

Here’s the picture, with the text from the Empire article below:

Click the thumb to see this image up close!

Following the fervour of last month’s first teaser trailer debut, things have calmed somewhat on the LOTR front. Director Peter Jackson, however, has been divulging further details about the mammoth production. “The one thing I’ve always been consistently going for in the style of the shooting and the performances and the design is to make Middle-earth feel real and lived-in,” he explains. “And whether it’s an elf or a dwarf or a hobbit or a human, it’s important for us to convey that the character is real and exists at a particular moment in time.” Rumours that the New Zealand army weren’t so chuffed with the production–allegedly the country’s Defence Force was paid only $91,000 to use up to 150 members of the army, navy and air force as extras–were denied. “Personnel invovled were already on the Defence Force’s payroll,” a spokesperson said. “So there was no requirement to recover salaries.” And finally, it seems the only people not looking forward to the film’s release are members of the late J.R.R. Tolkien’s family. “I am anticipating endless bother when the film comes out,” sighed the author’s 83 year-old son John. He’s probably right.


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