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by Sep 25, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

“It looked as if it was a Funeral scene with the body coming through the gate towers in a palisade and down the track lined with extras in red and black uniforms.”

Here is an excerpt from a spy report appearing today on Xenite.org:

A lucky New Zealander sent us the following spy report. It appears he got to see at least part of the funeral for Theoden in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings production.

It was such a nice day today on SC Anniversary day we went up to the film site at Mt Potts station, inland from Mt Somers in Mid Canterbury.

You go inland from Mt Somers up to Lake Clearwater and the film site is about 15 KMs further inland from there on the Erewhon (nowhere) access road. Mt Somers had 50 mm of snow on the ground. There was none at the film site.

We came across a rental van from Kirk motors in Auckland with rollover damage and an expensive rental car that missed a bend and hit a rock, all the latest models mind you.

According to a Carpenter cutting firewood at lake Clearwater, for the film set staff, over 50% of the holiday huts are hired for the duration. In the Lake Clearwater camp was the biggest portable shower unit for both sexes that I have ever seen.

After travelling up the road you come over a brow and there out in the middle of the valley of the Ashburton river bed is a pimple of 611 metres elevation opposite the gates of Erewhon Park accommodation house, it is directly south of Mt Potts mountain peak,on top of this and at the northern side base is the set. The actual Erewhon station is 15 kms further up the road.

First we came across the Horse park on Mt Potts station with about 20 large horse trucks from all over NZ, and about 25 cars with horse floats. The were horses everywhere, and a HUGE tack tent, some riders were practicing sequences for the film.

Click on the link below to go to read the entire spy report.


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