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by Sep 18, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

BATTLE SCENE: Lord of the Rings filming in Porirua’s Whitireia Park. Over 100 actors were involved in the scene. (
Craig Simcox/Evening Post
New Zealand’s The Evening Post is reporting that Lord of the Rings fans in Porirua are getting a rare glimpse into big-budget moviemaking.

Note: Porirua is located in the Wellington region, near where Peter Jackson’s production and studio facilities are located. This battle scene may therefore not have anything to do with the Rohan or Pelennor Fields sequences now being shot on the South Island.

Lastly, thanks to Jonny at Realm of the Ring for the great hi-res scan!

Porirua fans get Rings side

A spokeswoman for Lord of the Rings production company Three Foot Six said a small “break-off unit” was filming some “pick-up shots” at Whitirea Park over the weekend. However, by this morning the film set had swelled.

Three large marquees, eight freight trucks full of gear and several security guards this morning watched over 100 actors dressed in costume filming what appeared to be a battle scene. No big stars were visible.

Film set manager Peter Tonks refused to comment on how long the set would film in Porirua. The company’s Whitireia Park Board filming permit expires on Thursday. The park is open to the public during filming.


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