SPOILER I Came to Fight – Did Ian McKellen really dispel the rumors of Arwen being placed in battle scenes

by Oct 6, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Does she or doesn’t she? Only her director knows for sure.
Ian McKellen‘s latest LOTR E-Post has led many fans to believe that Arwen will not be fighting in the films after all:

Q: I was glad that you were able to debunk the rumors of Arwen joining the Fellowship. However, I wasn’t sure whether this covers just the rumor of her being at Moria or not. I am hoping you can also dispel the rumors of Arwen being placed in battle scenes.

A: I can.

However, our compilation of various news and rumors about Arwen leaves little doubt that she will indeed fight at the Battle of the Hornburg:

  • In New Line’s official casting sheet, Arwen’s description specifies that she “dresses in armor, rides hell-for-leather” and must “wield a sword.”
  • In the Arwen audition script, after arriving “on the eve of Battle,” Arwen tells Aragorn, “I came to fight.” When he tries to take her sword away, Arwen points it at Aragorn’s throat and says, “A soldier never surrenders their weapon.”
  • In his review of the Miramax 2-film script, Xoanan reports, “she sneaks into battle, and does fight, although she is not knee deep in blood and guts.”
  • In the January E! Online Latest Word: “Liv Tyler has also finished some horseback-riding scenes from the second film’s Helm’s Deep Battle.”
  • In the May E! Online Latest Word: “Tyler is showing signs of strain after two months of strenuous, nearly continuous filming on the Helm’s Deep set. She reportedly freaked out when Orc armies charged her. ‘She just sat on her horse and screamed,’ the source said.”
  • In a March Spy Report, Galadriel claims, “I saw Liv Tyler (Arwen) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas) fighting at the Helms Deep set at the quarry. I saw Liv swing her sword and hit Orlando’s horse on the snout, Liv was spooked and dropped her $3000 sword and it was bent out of shape.”
  • In a June Spy Report, Galadriel claims, “Meanwhile the two Elven Settlement, Rivendell and Lorien hear of this Uruk Hai invasion and decide to send a Small force of Elven Warriors led by Arwen and Haldir to fortify the Keep of Helms Deep while the Fellowship make there way to Rohan to Inform the king that his people are in danger and to send an Army to aid the Elve and refugees.”
  • And in his April interview with Liv Tyler, John Forde quotes Tyler as saying, “I was with Viggo [Mortensen] and [sword-fighting coach] Bob Anderson, and I was surrounded by about 20 Uruk-hai who were all hitting me, and I had to attack them. It was terrifying! I just hid behind Viggo!”

If even some of the above items are true, then Ian McKellen was either being purposefully misleading or playfully vague with his answer — unless the script has been changed since these reports, possibly due to negative fan reaction or Tyler’s performance as a fighter.

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