SPOILER Adventure! Excitement! A Fellowship requires such things. – The story of waiting in line and a trailer.

by Jan 13, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

The theatre is silent. We have just finished watching several trailers. My thoughts flash back over the previous day. I am still wiping the tears away from the Pearl Harbour trailer. That preview always makes me cry. What is it about that trailer that makes me cry? I think it has to do something with the fact that I had family members on my father’s side that fought in World War 2. Maybe perhaps some other time I will figure that one out. Earlier today there were camera crews, and people from the local newspapers, peppering us with questions. The cold and the rain last night and this morning were bearable, but still it took its toll on this Southern Californian native. The night had been long but there was the Coleman lantern to keep us warm, Tolkien trivia questions to keep the mind from becoming numb, and new friends to keep us company. Huddled around the Coleman lantern roasting marshmallows, we felt something that must be akin to the bond that held the fellowship together. Harry wanted adventure and excitement; we had those things and somewhere deep inside we were all gaining a greater appreciation and understanding for those 9 souls who went on an adventure.

The cheering drags me forward past these memories in a flash. I am now emotionally drained, tired from staying up all night, cold from the rain and the wind, stressed from planning the event, and hungry; and I almost missed the beginning of the trailer.

The New Line logo disappears and a band of gold appears across the screen. Someone, somewhere is saying something, but I am marvelling at the ring. The fire appears as it did in the Internet preview, and the curse of the ring starts to appear. The ring is so beautiful. The background is a fiery red. The ring is flying through the air, a hand reaches up and grabs it.

Next I am assaulted with images. The order is foggy in my mind as I try to write this. First comes a scene we have all seen before. It was in the images that were first posted on the official site over a year ago. Has it been that long? Orcs march in formation. It was cool to see that shot in the Internet preview. But now, what have they done! It is amazing. It is the same scene, but words are not coming to me to tell you how different it looks. The only thing I can come up with is that Massive has received a massive upgrade, or Sauron has not been banished and Jackson is in league with him. Those were Orcs. Lots of Orcs. That banner, crudely painted with the all seeing eye.

I’ve lost all ability to think. The scenes that come next are lost; I am in such joy. Somewhere inside my mind they can be retrieved, but the ones that stick out I know. An old Man is frightened. Is it Gandalf? If so, the Balrog must not be far away. Someone is kneeling and being knighted. A sword plunging into the ground. Arwen or perhaps Luthien lying on a bed surrounded by brown, orange, and yellow leaves. Is she sleeping, no dying? No time for more tears The fellowship is trudging across the snow. Hey that was Today in the Tolkien Calendar! There is a shot of Galadriel saying something to Frodo. I don’t remember what she said, but Frodo is looking up to her

The next part is the most amazing part of all. The fellowship is walking on a trail towards the camera. At this point there are people in the theatre who now know what movie this is, and they didn’t realize they were making Lord of the Rings into a movie. I hear shock and delight in their voices as they try to contain themselves. I am shocked as well. I have seen lots of stills. I have seen the Show West footage. I have seen the Comic Con footage. I have seen the Internet preview. I have seen all the ‘spy’ images released on the Internet. I have seen images from the New Line Calendar. I have seen images that I can’t talk about. But nothing prepared me for this. The images had come to life and were walking in front of me. For a second, all those images have sprung to life. It’s one thing to see Legolas standing there in Elven leather with his bow strapped to his back. It is completely different to see him walking towards the camera.

After it was all said and done we watched 13 Days, which is an excellent movie, even if it does have Kevin Costner in it.

Was there adventure and excitement like Harry wanted? Heck yeah! Was there a lot of fun? Heck yeah! Would I do it again? Heck yeah! As the trailer says, we came seeking adventure and we found it. For those who didn’t seek it there is still time for the adventure to find you.

The road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can.

Pursuing it with eager feet.


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