SPOILER A Second Impression of the LOTR Preview – More Details on the Preview

by Nov 16, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

We’re all waiting for your movie, Mr. Jackson…
Ozscot just returned from seeing the 20 minute LOTR preview in Melbourne! Read on for his thoughts, and leave yours below or in our Messageboard… Ozscot adds to the previous report, and he also confirms Peter Jackson does indeed have a cameo in the movie–in Bree…

I have just returned from the preview of LOTR preview. I am very happy and relieved to say the quality and potential of the film footage shown has exceeded my expectations. The Sydney footage was shown 2 days ago in Sydney and I was fortunate to be invited to the Melbourne event. The invitation included a small pouch with a ring attached to a leather strap. This was worn around the neck and was your entry ticket ( it grew heavier every time a black rider appeared!). The cinema chosen to screen this event was small , boutique and private. The foyer featured large illustrations and shots from the movie and I was quite excited. We settled down to listen to an interesting overview of the history and objectives of the film by a Newline and Distributor representative. They explained that we would see shots of movie 1 with a shot at the end from movie 2 (Helms Deep)and were lucky to see it etc,etc. The opening shot of Gandalf in his wagon meeting Frodo was great.

I am a big fan of the book and would like to assure everyone that the casting is spot on. The first encounter with a black rider shows them to be menacing and full of malice. In a scene where one appeared suddenly a lady to my left screamed out in fear and surprise. I jumped myself actually. The shots of the Shire and the Prancing Pony were true to the book. By the way there is a cameo of Peter Jackson as a villager just before they enter. Barliman is not PJ by the way. Aragorn is excellent which delighted me as I expected to be disappointed by Viggo from other stuff I’ve seen him in. He has made the part his and I believe will impress his critics. The scene where Frodo is talking with Aragorn before he strikes out on his own is after his run in with Boromir and don’t worry they are not replacing Boromir’s part with Aragorn. That would be ridiculous and is not the case. The scene on the NZ alps is the Fellowship attempting to avoid the Mines of Moria but as we know are beaten back to take that unpleasant route. The scene with Saruman and his newly born orc is chilling “who do you serve?” he booms , “the white hand of Saruman” says the fighting U. This orc is as tall as men and extremely mean.

Yes the ‘flight to the ford’ has Frodo with Arwen on horseback shot from aerial cameras which is very exciting I assure you but one can only hope that maybe Glorfindel is still featured somewhere else. The acting is authentic, the scenery overwhelming and once the special effects and coloring , etc is added I believe this film will meet or exceed the expectations of the great majority of Tolkien fans (being in that category myself). Now I know what it feels like to be waiting for this film as readers waited for the books all those years ago. Bring on Xmas 2001.


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