Sir Ian Answers Questions – Fans’ Questions Answered on E-Post

by May 10, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ian McKellen as Gandalf.
Ian McKellen has updated with a new E-Post edition. Here’s a small sampling of the questions he answers:

Q: What is your opinion on how closely the screenwriters have held to the original “flavor” of the dialogue?

Q: I hope Peter Jackson hasn’t left out the humor that Tolkien threaded throughout the tale as he wrote it.

Q: What is your answer to die-hard Tolkien fans who believe that not only will the LOTR films be incapable of capturing the epic grandeur of the books, but that to even attempt such a feat is an insult to the imagination of the late Mr. Tolkien?

Q: What part has Christopher Tolkien played in the production of this movie?

Q: I hope that Peter Jackson will have a convincing explanation for how he can, as you say, “protect the source material from commercial encroachments” and have Liv Tyler do battle with 20 Uruk-Hai (cf. her interview). We non-filmmaking Tolkienists may be entirely ignorant of scriptwriting and cinematic narrative, but we do know the original, which never at any point featured the martial prowess of Arwen Undomiel. Your assurances are less than assuring in this instance.

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