Save the Past. Chapter One of many.. – Can Tari prevent what happened in the past to save her future?

by Sep 2, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Title: Save the Past.
Author: Beth Brownell
Feedback: Desired. Constructive criticism would be great.
Rating: PG.
Summery: The book Aragorn wrote in while he was King suddenly becomes smaller when something happened in the past. Can Tari prevent what had happened?
The characters in the story: Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen, Pippin, Merry, Sam, Frodo, Tari Lightfeather (or as she’ll be called Eärédien), Teltarma mother of Tari, Arden Gondor father of Tari, Elrond or `Hugo Weaving‘ depends on what scene he’s in; mentioned only Saul Gondor adopted brother of Tari. There will be others in this story.
Will it be continued in a different story? : No. This will be the last story I deal with unless you the reader plead hard enough and maybe give me a plot idea for another story.
Archive: Please ask me first and let me know where it is archived so I may direct people to your webpage. 🙂
Pairings: Legolas and Tari Lightfeather.
Disclaimer: I am not J.R.R. Tolkien and never will be. I’m just borrowing his creations for a bit, no harm will come to them.
Author’s Note: This is not the normal LoTR fanfic. I am not J. R. R. Tolkien and never will be him. I hope I just do this story justice.

Save the Past.

Legolas encouraged his horse through the gate and found the Orcs were attacking Aragorn and the mare Zorada was fighting alongside. He flew into action sending two arrows after the Orcs. Soon, he too, was fighting on the ground and his horse Lazar was fighting as well.

But then, the sound of a horn was heard in the distance tooting away and the sounds of many hooves upon the ground. Legolas aimed two arrows at Shaquar’s face. The arrows sang in the air as the Wizard didn’t even realize the arrows were coming his way till it was too late and the two arrows struck his face killing him immediately.

The Orcs still fought them till Legolas heard the scream of pain coming from Aragorn as his arm was slashed badly and now hung limply by his side; his sword fell from his hand. Legolas charged into the area and slew many Orcs as many arrows flew over his head. Legolas reached Aragorn’s side and asked, “How badly is it hurt?”

“It’s bad. But I’ll live,” Aragorn smiled at him as he looked towards the fast approaching riders to know that there were Elves mixed in with the warriors of Gondor. “But I doubt the Orcs will live for long when they are going against the warriors of Gondor and the Elves.”

Legolas smiled as he saw the familiar face of Elrond in the lead with his two sons by his side swords flashing their deadly steel. “True, my friend, but for now we need to get you off this field and let Lord Elrond start to heal your arm.”

They managed to get away from the fighting even though Aragorn did not like to retreat from a fight but his arm was injured and he knew it needed to be healed. Elrond rode quickly towards them and checked Aragorn’s arm.

“My son, I was worried about you when I heard the horn.” Elrond said, his tone hinting the worry in his words. He had removed his water bag from his side and poured it over the wound.

“I feared that the warriors would not get here in time to help us.” Aragorn said, he mentioned not what had happened to them in the future.

“We rode as hard as possible to get here, Estel,” said Elrond, as he finished bandaging Aragorn’s arm up. Elrond glanced at the horses standing next to Aragorn and Legolas. “Where did you find these two horses? I notice that there was two horses lay dead in the middle of the Orcs.”

“We encountered a warrior elf who was leaving for the undying lands and since she could not take them with her across the sea, she gave them us, father,” said Aragorn, petting Zorada’s neck gently.

“I have never seen any horses with who looks like these two? From which group of Elves is this elf from? Surely, it is not a Mirkwood elf?” Elrond asked, as he ran his hand over their necks and bodies. Elrond was a master of healing but he also had a great eye for horses too.

“She never stated her ties, father. But wherever her ties are, she has raised two fine horses. The mare I ride now is with foal and perhaps a colt shall be born of her.” Aragorn said calmly.

“And the fighting didn’t do anything to disturb the foal itself. I can feel the heartbeat of the little one. That foal shall be a healthy one when born. But come, your wife and son worries.” Elrond smiled as he glanced at Aragorn.

Soon, they were riding back home to Gondor to see Arwen standing at the top of the stairs with Eldarion, his ten year old son. Aragorn dismounted from his horse and rushed up the stairs. He said not a word to Arwen but swept her into his arms and kissed her very passionately before he pulled away from her and hugged his son.

“Aragorn, I was worried about you. Where did you go off too? Why did I hear the horn blow? Where did you get those horses?” asked Arwen, looking at him.

“I’ll explain everything later. All I want to do right now is to lie in your arms and sleep. But first I must attend to my mare,” Aragorn whispered, turning towards the horses at the base of the stairs.

“The stable boys can handle her, Aragorn. You need to rest. You said so yourself?” said Arwen, looking at him and then to the horse which stood patiently at the base.

“I should tend to her. She’s mine,” spoke Aragorn.

Legolas walked up the stairs and said, “Aragorn, I’ll tend to her. You go and sleep we had a hard battle today.”

Aragorn looked at Legolas and knew he wanted to tend to both horses. Aragorn smiled at Legolas and spoke, “Thank you, Legolas. I owe you once again.”

“No this evens up everything, Aragorn. Just get some sleep and let your arm heal,” replied Legolas, as he bowed his head to him and Arwen before heading down the stairs towards the horses.

“Daddy, can I help, uncle Legolas, with the horses?” requested Eldarion, looking up at his father.

“Of course, just be careful. Legolas watch my son.” Aragorn replied, as Eldarion hurried down the stairs towards Legolas, who walked with him down the stairs to the horses where he introduced the horses to him.

Later that night, Aragorn finished writing a passage down in his journal. Arwen wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “What bothers you so, my lord?”

“It is nothing, Arwen. Let us go to bed, I am tired and would like to sleep.” He whispered softly.

Arwen led him to bed where Aragorn climbed under the sheets and closed his eyes with her watching him sleep before she fell asleep herself. Aragorn opened his eyes again and slipped from the bed. He stood bathed in the moonlight where he thought about Tari and wondered if she was doing okay.

In another room, Legolas was gazing towards the full moon thinking about the woman with whom he lost his heart to. He wished he could go back to the future and live there but his promise to her to remain here to keep an eye on her grand sire Aragorn kept him there. He turned back to the dark room and climbed under the covers of the bed and went into his dreamstate where he was able to hold and to kiss his lady love.


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