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by Feb 26, 2004Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Rings film-maker prepares Oscar speech notes
Stuff.co.nz – February 27, 2004

Jamie Selkirk does not have a detailed speech ready if he wins an Oscar for editing The Return of the King.

But the Wellington film-maker, who flies out today for a round of engagements and Hollywood parties before the Oscar ceremony on Monday, New Zealand time, said he will be better prepared than when he was in Los Angeles two weeks ago.

Selkirk won the prestigious American Cinema Editors’ dramatic feature award for The Return of the King – the first New Zealander to win. It took him completely by surprise.

“I wasn’t expecting the award at all. I didn’t have anything prepared. I had to get up there and thought, ‘What am I going to say?’ I managed to blurt something out.”

If he wins an Oscar, it will be different.

“I don’t like to get myself too tied up in trying to learn something for some speech, but probably the best idea for me is to just have a few notes. It’s a time to thank all the people you work with.”

It is the first time Selkirk, who also co-produced Peter Jackson’s three Lord of the Rings films, has been nominated for an Oscar and it will be the first time he has attended an Oscar ceremony…

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