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by Oct 20, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ordinary folks express their reactions to trailers for upcoming films. Here’s what they had to say about The Fellowship of the Ring.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is a product that has begged for attention for nearly five decades. Disregarding the atrocious attempt by Ralph Bakshi in the ’70s, there has never been a serious effort to translate one of the best-loved books of this century to the big screen.

“Now Peter Jackson has done it. By somehow <convincing New Line Cinema to let him film all three movies at once in New Zealand, he cut costs down to a reasonable level. By staying true to the plot line of the books, he has won the love and respect of Tolkien fans the world over. By enlisting high-quality actors (Lee, McKellen, Wood, etc.), he has given authenticity to the films in the minds of the general public. And by having an in-house special effects workshop to provide computer effects for the film that were not possible only a few years ago, Jackson has set the stage for three films of stunning quality. The question now is not whether the films will succeed, but how much money they will make and how many awards they will win.”

— John Glaenzer, Westmont, Ill.

“Frankly, I’m looking forward to Lord of the Rings. It’s rare to find a fantasy that I can still read, post-English degree. Tolkien is one. If the movie is anything like the book, it will satisfy a hard-to-reach itch.”

— Kate Williamson, San Francisco

“Definitely Lord of the Rings. In this case, the hype is worth it. The new trailer is gorgeous, and Peter Jackson and crew have paid attention to every detail. These people love the book and it shows. Unlike most fantasy films that are nothing but special effects, this one will have real character with real emotions.”

— David Friedman, Kansas City

“Are you kidding? There is no such thing as overblown enthusiasm for LotR. I have been living and breathing for the opening of (this film) since I learned of its production back in 1999. Since then life has plodded on. I studied in France, met a Swedish man there, married him in Kansas and have started graduate school in Berkeley … but Dec. 19 is The Day I’m looking forward to (sorry Henrik).”

— Aimee Ehrs, Richmond, Calif.

“I patiently waited through most of WB’s Angel to record the trailer for the first installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and then replayed it a dozen times that night. It gave me goose bumps, sent my heart racing and brought tears to my eyes. I have already taken a vacation day for Dec. 12 and plan to see it at least twice that day. I’m even re-reading the Tolkien books now (for my fourth time). I feel this will be an epic film trilogy of Star Wars proportions.

— Kevin King, Gardner

“My favorite memories of the ’70s are sitting listening to the croonings of the Moody Blues and reading The Hobbit under Ohio’s starry skies. After 30 years, the Moody Blues still sling me back into Middle Earthdom. But after seeing the animated version, I’m afraid of what will become of my escapism (as a movie). Some books just weren’t meant to be made into movies.”

— Wendy Kiddey, Kansas City

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