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by Apr 19, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Cirdan at Der Herr der Ringe alerted us to a New Zealand Herald interview with Cate Blachett. A previous interview caused some fans to fear that Galadriel might not appear in all three films, but this latest interview indicates that nothing remains set in stone.

From making The Gift in Georgia last year, Blanchett headed to New Zealand for three to four weeks for LOTR. Enjoy it, did we?

“Oh look now it’s my turn to gush. Peter looked at me like I was insane. I landed in Wellington – my husband Andrew and I – and within probably about two hours and 15 minutes of being there we said we’ve got to move here.

“I feel like I should be enlisted by the tourism board of New Zealand. I really did have an extraordinary time there. Obviously on the film as well. You couldn’t have made those films anywhere else.”

Blanchett is one of only three major women’s roles in the entire trilogy – “And I don’t really play a woman, I play an elf. I don’t know if that really counts. It is a very boys’ own adventure.”

Even if those Galadriel dolls don’t sell, she’ll cherish the experience for a long time.

“You could tell every crew member and cast member knew that for better or worse they were part of something momentous or historic and it won’t ever happen that way again.”

Depending on the configuration of the stories, Blanchett will appear in all three LOTR films.

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