October Force of Hobbit Report … UPDATED 10-01-00 – Arwen and Eowyn’s Roles Clarified

by Sep 29, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

This month’s E! Online Force of Hobbit report visits the Edoras set, announces new (and departing) cast members, and provides some clues about how much the films’ Arwen and Eowyn will deviate from the books. If E! Online’s John Forde can be believed, perhaps they will not deviate as much as fans fear.

  • On Location: Meeting with Theoden and Eowyn on the Edoras set.
  • The Latest Word: Screenplay writer Philippa Boyens addresses fans’ concerns about Arwen.
  • Ask the Insider: As usual, few questions and even fewer answers from “the Insider.”

UPDATE: We’ve just received an email from John Forde (the reporter at E! Online) commenting on Eowyn’s mistaken identity (namely that of being an elf):

Dear Ted and Jonathan

As you have already commented in your website, this month’s E! Online “On Location” article mistakenly describes Eowyn (played by Miranda Otto) as an Elf.

This was a typographical error which occurred during a last-minute re-edit of the article.

We apologise for any distress this may have caused your readers, and can assure that Eowyn will not be played as an Elf in Peter Jackson’s film!

The offending “E” word will be removed hopefully by the end of the weekend, but at the latest on Tuesday (NZ time). Until then, we would be appreciative if you could post this email on your website.


John Forde

So, don’t worry folks… it’s only a typo! Thanks for the email, John.

Previous Report

Ted Here: I was working on reporting this piece of news when David scooped me. So here is a bit of commentary on the articles.

Oh, how I wish that E! Online would get their act together and READ THE BOOKS! Each month it seems that they make an new embarrassing blunder. This month we get to hear from Bernard Hill who plays King Théoden and Miranda Otto who plays Eowyn the Cross-Dressing Elven Warrior Princess of Rohan. What! you say, Elven Warrior Pricess of Rohan. Yes, there are several mistakes in the coverage. I should say that I am assuming that E! Online has made a mistake and Jackson knows what he is doing. I am holding out hope that that is the case.

In any event, the article is up to par and contains intersting information about Jackson’s protrayal of the People of Rohan.

…On the other side of Edoras, Miranda Otto stops to talk before a physical training session for her role as Eowyn, the cross-dressing warrior princess of Rohan.

Otto, who starred in a string of well-regarded Australian features and recently appeared in Terrence Malick’s World War II epic The Thin Red Line and Robert Zemeckis’ What Lies Beneath, says her Elf character is a simmering volcano.

“She’s furious,” Otto explains. “Her kingdom has a glorious past, and she has these ideals of courage and honor, but she’s surrounded by war and death–and nothing’s going right. She’s dying to prove she’s made of as good a mettle as the men–or better. But she’s only allowed to be passive. So, she has to hold this rage and frustration inside her.”

Enter Aragorn, the wandering prince with whom Eowyn falls in love. “He symbolizes all the lost ideals that she believes in–and he’s kind to her,” she says. “If you’re used to coldness and things going badly and loneliness, and if somebody’s suddenly kind to you, it can break you. She falls in love with him, and she thinks it’s her fate to be with him.”

So, what happens when Aragorn (who’s in love with Liv Tyler’s Arwen) doesn’t return her love?


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