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by Oct 31, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

This month’s Force of Hobbit report is a rather straightforward account of the production’s recent activities — relatively free of the colorful remarks and errors that have made previous reports so controversial, but also free of much spoiler information.

  • On Location: John Forde concentrates on the logistics of filming combat sequences for the Battle of the Pelannor Fields. (“With so many warriors to feed, meals are another major operation. Colin the Caterer provides the rundown: 50 kilograms of bacon, 1,440 eggs and 400 loaves of bread.”)

    There are few revelations in this article, although the description of Theoden’s “Viking-like helmet” does raise the spectre of Ralph Bakshi.

  • Latest Word: A very brief interview with conceptual artist Alan Lee is the main focus of this article. There is also confirmation that John Noble has indeed been cast as Denethor, while we learn that the construction cost of the Minas Tirith set is NZ$200,000.

  • Ask the Insider: As usual, few questions and even fewer answers. However, we do learn that the Ents will indeed be CGI and based upon Alan Lee’s illustrations.

    We are also treated to the Insider’s description of “Gondorian soldiers with armor featuring the Tree of Rohan.” Well, I did say that this report was relatively free of errors.

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