No Battle Scenes To Take Place At Edoras – Company of the Ring: Tol Galen

by Aug 23, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

According to The Press, “publicist for the $360 million production, Claire Raskind, said large battle scenes would be filmed at the set representing Edoras.” But Ms. Raskind claims she was misquoted — no battles will take place here.
After news reports about the new Edoras set implied that a major battle would take place at the location, Beren, webmaster of Company of the Ring: Tol Galen, contacted the film’s publicist to get the inside story.

The “Mystical city emerges among the Alps” article in today’s The Press says that Claire Raskind said “large battle scenes would be filmed” at the Edoras set. Well, a couple of people e-mailed me to say, battles at Edoras, what battle happened there?

Seeing I had a bit of spare time today I thought I would try and find out. I gave the production company a call and was put through to Claire herself, she is the publicist for the production, after all.

So I asked her what this was about, she had not seen the article at this time and asked me to read what it said. Then she informed me that she has been misquoted, she had said that there would be battle scenes filmed in the south island, but never mentioned any at Edoras as there won’t be any.

So I thought I would let all the purists out there know this so everyone don’t start going on about Peter changing the story again. So once again don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper – once more they have got it wrong.


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