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by Nov 1, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

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Rings Near Filming’s End

Having recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of filming, Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is on schedule and expects to wrap principal photography just before Christmas, according to E! Online. Cast and crew took Oct. 11 off to celebrate the one-year anniversary, and Rings producer Barrie Osborne and director Jackson threw a lavish party for all on location in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Hugo Weaving has already left the location after wrapping his scenes as Elrond, E! reported. Liv Tyler (Arwen) returns from break in December to wrap her scenes. Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) has taken a five-week break, showing up at some of Wellington’s trendy nightclubs.

For his part, McKellen said on his official Web site that he’s ready to wrap. “I asked Peter Jackson the other day whether I would finish as was long since planned: He was confident that we would finish on schedule,” McKellen posted. “I asked, because I am beginning to need an end in sight. It’s the same with a long job in the theatre. Judi Dench and I used to cross the days off on the dressing-room mirror at the Fortune Theatre–matinee days we did it twice. I’m feeling nothing like that. Indeed, my enthusiasm for the New Zealand I’ve seen beyond the movie’s locations has been an added reward for a year’s work away from home.”

Rings recently completed filming of one of the films’ biggest set pieces yet: the Battle of Pelennor, which involved 230 orcs, 250 Rohan warriors and 50 or so stunt players in the remote South Island mountain village of Twizel, E! Online reported.


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