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by Aug 8, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Twizel is a five-hour drive south west of Christchurch on New Zealand’s Southern Island.

Glacial lakes, vast open spaces, and tussock-covered rolling hills overlooked by the Southern Alps.
Twizel is a town located in Mackenzie Country, a high inland basin between the Southern Alps and Mount Cook (New Zealand’s highest mountain), south west of Christchurch. The Timaru Herald is reporting that this spectacular region is being scouted as a possible Lord of the Rings location.

We’ve heard rumors that Twizel will be the site of a large battle sequence. But there have also been news reports that a battle involving perhaps one hundred New Zealand military troops and several hundred extras, as well as horses, will be also be filmed sometime soon near Mt. Potts, a couple of hours away, at a set that looks like it might be Edoras. So what scenes might be filmed in Twizel? The Battle of the Pelennor Fields perhaps? Or maybe an attack on Edoras not found in the books? We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Twizel considered for film location


Claire Raskind, publicist for the production company Three Foot Six, yesterday confirmed Twizel was being considered for filming in October or November, but said it was too far out to say how long a crew would be there or what parts of the films would be shot.

“They’ve been scouting down in the South Island pretty heavily for places that can accommodate us – our large crew – as far as housing and that is accessible for filming. I guess that was a place that looked good.”

More casting sessions have been planned for South Canterbury leading up to the shooting, including one in the Mackenzie District Council office at Market Place, Twizel, on August 19. A session at the Roncalli College Hall in Timaru would be held the following day.

The production company was looking for men aged 18-50 years, of medium build, and taller than 1.75m (5’9″).

Meanwhile, Dave Pullen of the Twizel business group said he was aware the film crew was interested in the area. Experts were being brought to town to educate local groups on how the community could best co-operate with production.

The film trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson, reportedly has a $360 million budget. It could not be confirmed, but the Herald understands the Ben Ohau Station area is of particular interest to the location scouts.


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