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by Mar 26, 2003Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Twin glory for Towers
By TOM CARDY and BESS MANSON – March 25, 2003

Peter Jackson enjoys a Hobbit hole.Peter Jackson enjoys a Hobbit hole.He stayed away from the glitzy Hollywood ceremony, but Peter Jackson still got to party in Wellington when The Two Towers won two Oscars yesterday.

Nominated for six awards including best picture, it won best visual effects (Jim Rygiel, Joe Letteri, Randall William Cook and Alex Funke) and best sound editing (Michael Hopkins and Ethan Van der Ryn).

Jackson, wearing an unseasonal paint-stained and patched-up ski jacket, cargo pants and sneakers, joined about 900 crew members and their families, who watched live coverage of the Oscars in central Wellington bar The Grand.

The crowd cheered, along with about 300 people at a live broadcast at the capital’s Embassy Theatre, when early on The Two Towers got the Oscar for visual effects.

Animation coordinator Bay Raitt, who helped create the creature Gollum, hugged colleagues and his mother. “I’m feeling very good. It’s pretty cool to be in a room with a whole bunch of my fellow artists who all worked a lot of hours to make this happen,” he said, grinning ear to ear.

“We didn’t think we were going to win and suddenly we saw our work up there on screen . . . They all deserved it.”

Another Gollum creator, sequence supervisor Greg Butler, was philosophical about The Two Towers not winning more. “In 20 years people will forget Chicago and remember Lord of the Rings despite who won the Oscars. It’s that kind of film.”

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