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by May 11, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Thanks to Mjolnir for translating the following article which appearded on Swedish TV4’s website. Click the link below for the original article.

The Tolkien Filmatization are Success in Cannes

The filmatization of JRR Tolkiens Lord of the Rings is one of this years most anticipated films. And by judging of the reactions after the halfhour press screening Thursday at the Cannes festival, the film will be a commercial as well as an artistic triumph.

-Star Wars can go lie down and die (not a direct Swedish translation). Compared with Lord of the Rings the Space Saga is going to feel bleak, says The Times journalist Martin Palmer.

It’s the New Zealand director Peter Jackson who has directed the three films after Tolkiens powerful trilogy. Film number one, The Fellowship of the Ring, will have premiere in Sweden this christmas and the Two Towers is coming christmas 2002 and Return of the King a year later.

The films have been shot in New Zealand and Jackson has used a great deal of modern automationtechniqe (?). This means we are going to see mighty armys of thousands of warriors clash, we’ll see hordes od evil orcs pursuit the heroes of the films and we’ll see the action take part in settings that would have been impossible to create in a studio.

With help of computer animation Jackson has also been able to shrink and enlarge the actors. The main Hobbit actors are played by fully grown people- Bilbo is portrayed by ian Holm and Frodo by Elijah Wood. But with picture manipulation they have been shrunk in a very convincing way.

The only of the main characters the press at Cannes didn’t get to see was Gollum, the evil creature who is posessed in regaining the Ruling Ring. Gollum has almost entirely been created in the computer, and evidently they are going to save his picture until the film premiers.

But judging of the scenes which have been shown here Jackson have in a very good way succeeded in keeping the terrifying and violent in Tolkiens story without making the film too scary for young people.

Here in Cannes Jackson and his actors Elijah Wood, Christopher Lee, Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen and Ian McKellen will give interviews. The whole thing is going to end sunday night with a big party on a castle where the settings from Lord of the Rings have been built up.


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