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by Nov 6, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Face-to-face with Mr Bean.
Here is a short excerpt from the entire article about Sean Bean. Click on the link below to read it in its entirety (thanks to Nona from The Compleat Sean Bean for the notice).

Lord of the Rings is one of his biggest movies in a long time – the long-awaited adaptation of Tolkein’s cult fantasy – in which he plays Boromir, “a Gondorian from the land of Gondor,” as he helpfully puts it.

“It’s a massive, hugely ambitious project. It’s taken about two years to film it and they won’t finish it until Christmas. It’s basically three films back to back, from all three books and they won’t be out until Christmas 2001. There are some great people in them – Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett, Ian Holm, Liv Tyler and Christopher Lee.”

Perhaps he is slowing down on the workfront whenever he can. His year off from acting was a happy combination of choice and the lack of right offers.


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