NewsWire: Ringswatch – Our Liv Freaks Out In Battle – Scoop

by Apr 6, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Liv is supposed to run away in this scene…

Well, uh, orcs are supposed to be scary, right? I guess they look really real to Liv…

Ringswatch: Our Liv Freaks Out In Battle

Scoop – April 7, 2000

Liv Tyler, Wellywood’s most talked about starlet, has been acting it up during shooting of the Lord of the Rings, both on and off the set.

A crew insider said the normally cool and demure New Yorker freaked out astride her horse recently during the filming of a tumultuous battle scene in Upper Hutt.

Things came to a head when filming a large crowd manoeuvre at the Helm’s Deep set.

A multitude of fearsome looking riders dressed as orcs came galloping towards Tyler, causing her to lose her cool.

She just sat on her horse and screamed, an eye witness told Scoop. She was really freaked out by all the horses bearing down on her.

She only calmed down when they used her stunt double. She was lucky her horse didn’t bolt.

Tyler who plays Elvan Princess Arwen the Evenstar has also been causing a few heads to turn in her off the set shenanigans.

At a Christmas cast wrap party last year she was widely seen engaging in a very cinematic public kiss with a crew member.

Tyler is also rumoured to have damaged a photocopier at the film’s headquarters at Weta Sutdios in Island Bay – attempting to send facsimiles of various body parts to her boyfriend back in the US.

Recently boyfriend and Tyler were seen together at the Cricket at Wellington’s basin reserve.


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