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by Jun 12, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

New Line Cinema boss Robert Shaye was “thrilled” with the rough cut of the first Lord Of The Rings film, after flying into Wellington from Los Angeles in his private jet last week to check on progress.

Rings rough cut thrills
The Evening Post

Executive producer of the trilogy, Mark Ordesky, said the founder, chairman and chief executive of New Line Cinema saw the latest, unfinished version of The Fellowship Of The Ring. Post-production work is still being done, but the film was on schedule for its December release, Mr Ordesky said.

“He was thrilled with what he saw. It was a very positive visit … he was pleased artistically and commercially.”

It was normal for studio executives to check on the progress of films during post-production work, he said.

More than $600 million is being spent on the trilogy.

Mr Ordesky did not expect another visit by Mr Shaye to New Zealand before the release of the film.

Mr Shaye flew into Wellington in his Gulfstream III jet, requiring an exemption to city council noise limits.


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