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Running for the prize… well, at least carrying something that will symbolize the prize…
Special thanks to Susan for this article and picture! Notice the info about Peter Jackson near the bottom of the article. Start lacing up them Nike’s, Mr. Jackson!

Proud bearers of the Olympic flame

By Lisa Smith

New Zealand’s Woman’s Weekly – June 5, 2000

Next week, 300 New Zealanders will proudly carry the Olympic flame as it makes its way on its 60,000km journey from Greece to Sydney through the Pacific for the Games in September.

It’s the first time the torch, which has burned at Olympic Games since 1928, has been to New Zealand and also the first time it’s been in a relay outside the host country.

The torchbearers, who include sportspeople, celebrities, politicians and members of the community were chosen from nominations in three categories of living, local and future legends.

Sponsored by Air New Zealand and the Millenium Office, the flame will be dropped off by helicopter on Queenstown’s Coronet Peak on 5 June before travelling by ski, mountain bike, horseback, wheelchair and on foot through Christchurch, Wellington, Rotorua and Auckland on its three day journey. The bearers will carry it for between 300 and 500m.

We spoke to 10 of the torch bearers about their special duty.

Ryan Pearce (17), Christchurch

Wilhemina (Madge) Mason (100), Queenstown

Mathew Butson (26), Wanaka

Marie Ward (58), Wellington

Craig Jones (30), Wellington

Caroline Ferguson (18), Auckland

Peter Jackson (38), Wellington

     Top movie director Peter Jackson has been flat out filming the Lord Of The Rings trilogy for the past few months but he’s not about to miss the chance to carry the Olympic torch through Wellington. “He’s so absolutely honoured to be involved that he’s stopping production on the day especially so he can go and carry the torch,” says a spokeswoman for the producer, whose list of credits includes Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners.

     “He hasn’t stopped production for anything for the last few months and won’t be doing it again until filming has finished so that shows you how excited he is.”

Annelise Coberger (28), Wellington

Todd Blackadder (28), Christchurch

Neroli Fairhall (54), Christchurch


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