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by May 19, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

One to watch.
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The National Business Review publishes an annual “Rich List” wherein they take educated guesses at the wealth of the richest New Zealanders.

Peter Jackson makes the “Ones to Watch” section.

Ones to Watch

19 May 2000 – National Business Review

This year’s Rich List is the largest yet but many people have been excluded because of difficulties assessing their wealth. This Emerging Rich section provides a way of identifying possible future entrants for the main Rich List.

Leading the Emerging Rich this year is film director Peter Robert Jackson. From his meagre beginnings directing budget fantasy films Bad Taste and Brain Dead — better known for their grotesque content than storyline — Jackson has moved on to become Hollywood’s director du jour.

The star-studded Lord of the Rings, being filmed in New Zealand, is estimated to have a budget of more than $350 million — a far cry from Jackson’s previous films. Jackson is said to be earning an eight-figure fee from the movie. With that and future film royalties, he is set to become seriously wealthy, if he is not already so.

In addition to his illustrious film career, Jackson owns properties in Wellington and is a director and shareholder in a number of New Zealand film companies. When he is not directing films he spends his time co-ordinating his Wellington company, Wingnut Films.

Jackson is in his late 30s, lives in Seatoun, Wellington, but recently bought a large Victorian country house near Masterton in the Wairarapa, said to have set him back $1 million. He is rumoured to be planning to install a digital studio in the house, rather like that of fellow film-industry technical genius George Lucas.


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