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by Dec 22, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Security for The Lord Of The Rings wrap party on Wellington’s waterfront tonight has been increased because some tickets may have been scalped for up to $1500 each.

Rings party security tightened

The Evening Post

The party, in Shed 21 and a large marquee, is for about 3000 guests, mostly cast and crew, to mark the end of filming today after 15 months.

The $400,000 bash will feature entertainment from Dave Dobbyn, dancer Michael Parmenter and composer and musician Gareth Farr.

Lord Of The Rings publicist Claire Raskind said today security had been increased because of reports that tickets were being scalped over the Internet for up to $1500 each.

“Tickets will be checked with names,” she said.

They wouldn’t have had to check tickets if party details hadn’t been printed in the paper.

“It’s turned into a public awareness event from a private party.”

The Post was offered a ticket for $1000 by a crew member yesterday and received four calls from people claiming they had tickets to the party to sell.

One wanted to sell two tickets for $1500, another wanted to sell four and was open to offers.

The crew member, whom The Post agreed not to name, said some crew members had been trying to sell tickets for the past few days. He didn’t know if any had been able to sell them for as high as $1500 each. Another scalper said he knew of two tickets sold for $900 each.

Most of the production’s stars, including Liv Tyler, Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen, are likely to attend the party.

There have been rumours for several weeks that an overseas act, possibly rappers The Beastie Boys or British dance duo The Propellerheads, would play.

Many of the crew this week also received gifts, including a sweatshirt embroidered with The Lord Of The Rings logo and a signed thank-you note from director Peter Jackson, screen writer Fran Walsh and producer Barrie Osborne.


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